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Re[2]: [Revlist] Cannon cockers - Naval Flintlocks

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  • joe_craig@nps.gov
    For what it s worth, here s an article from the Annual Register for 1770: [23? August 1770] This morning their Majesties honoured the regiment of artillery
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      For what it's worth, here's an article from the Annual Register for

      [23? August 1770]

      "This morning their Majesties honoured the regiment of artillery with
      their presence in the warren at Woolwich. His Majesty came purposely
      to see some experiments tried. Their Majesties were first taken to
      the royal laboratory, attended by Col. Desaguliers, and went through
      the different rooms there, where all kinds of military stores were
      preparing; which took them about an hour. They then proceeded to the
      water-side, where several shot were fired from an iron gun, by means
      of a lock fixed to the vent: A sea service thirteen inch mortar was
      next fired three or four times, entirely filled with pound shot, which
      had a very good effect. Their Majesties next saw a heavy twelve
      pounder brass gun filled twenty three times with shot in a minute,
      spunging between each fire, and loading with the greatest safety,
      which surprising every spectator, having far surpassed any quick
      firing ever yet practiced.-The method is entirely new, and supposed to
      be the invention of Col. Desaguliers_."

      Be interesting to know what the Colonel's new method was all about.

      Your Most Humble Publick Servant

      Joe Craig
      Park Ranger
      Saratoga NHP

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      Subject: Re: [Revlist] Cannon cockers - Naval Flintlocks
      Author: PBSP@... at np--internet
      Date: 8/3/01 5:35 PM

      One of the thin Shire Album books, #186 on Naval Cannon, by John Munday
      (1987/1998), mentions that Admiral Lord Anson ordered flintlock primers to be
      supplied for his quarter-deck guns in 1755 and that Captain Charles Douglas
      of HM Ship Duke equipped his ship with flintlock primers in 1778, using his
      own money as the Navy refused to supply them. A painting of Douglas, as
      Rear-Admiral Sir Charles Douglas Bt, is in the National Maritime Museum in
      Greenwich (I don't know the date of the painting but uniform looks
      contemporary to our period, at least to this landlubber's eyes) and he has
      his left hand on a flintlock primer fitted to a naval tube. But the book
      echos what has been said on the list before that there are lapses of time
      before this and other innovations gain wider acceptance.
      John Mills
      Mott's Artillery

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