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Part 1 Raid on Paramus

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    Taken from The Revolutionary War In the Hackensack Valley by Adrian C.Lieby,Rutgers University Press 1962 On Sunday,april 16th,1780,the British Mounted an
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      Taken from "The Revolutionary War In the Hackensack Valley" by Adrian
      C.Lieby,Rutgers University Press 1962
      On Sunday,april 16th,1780,the British Mounted an attack on Paramus
      church,the section of what is today part of Ridgewood and Hohokus,N.J.It was
      being used almost continuously as a forward reconnaissance outpost for the
      Continental Army and militia.Paramus was the target of at least 5 attacks
      during the war starting as early as Dec 1776.This was to be the largest raid.
      At one o'clock on Sunday morning,under orders from New York
      headquarters,about a hundred cavalry from Staten Island-twenty drawn from the
      17th Dragoons,forty five from the mounted Queens Rangers and forty from the
      Hessian cavalry-joined forces at "English Neighborhood" with three hundred
      Hessian Infantrymen,who had been ferried across the Hudson atr Ft Lee earlier
      in the night.The whole force fell upon the Continental picket at New
      Bridge,an outpost held by a captain and thirty men,an hour later.
      There the Americans put up a spirited but futile opposition,after which the
      British pushed on to the North,leaving fifty men for the protection of the
      bridge and to facilitate the return to New York.
      Two hundred fifty troops of the 3rd Pennsylvania Regiment,at Hopperstown
      (Paramus),under Major Thomas Langhorn Byles were stationed along the road
      west of Paramus Church (Glen Ave),Washington had continued the post
      there,even after it was shown to be vulnerable,"to restrain the traffic
      there,between that part of the country and New York,which from the
      disposition of the inhabitants has been very considerable.This consideration
      has induced me to station a party there,though at some hazard"At the Bridge
      over the Saddle River,where the road from New Bridge entered the town ,a mile
      and a half east of the American headquarters and immediatly below the
      church,a subaltern and twenty Continentals were posted as a second Picket.By
      daybreak on Sun Morning,Major Byle's mounted night patrols,(he had earlier
      sent out two parties) each under a commissioned officer had been out and
      returned,and he had just finished morning drill and dismissed his men to
      their separate quarters in the farmhouses scattered a;long the road.
      The British reached a point one mile below the American picket at
      Sunrise.There Colonel DuBuy halted his men and laid out his plan of attack on
      Hopperstown.Cornet George Spencer,of the Queen's Rangers,described the Attack
      in Detail:
      PART 2 : the British Forces description of the attack- next posting!
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