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Bagpipers in combat

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  • Patrick J OKelley
    Howdy, ... We don t belong to the Brit Brigade (because we aren t Brits, and we try to stay away from umbrellas), so I don t know why they banned the use of
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      >Hi one and all. Ive been out of the loop for a while. I had thought
      >that the question of pipes in combat by person(s) in the Brit Brigade
      >had gone away do to common scense.

      We don't belong to the Brit Brigade (because we aren't Brits,
      and we try to stay away from umbrellas), so I don't know why they banned
      the use of them.
      However they may have banned them because they just weren't used
      that much in combat. At least they weren't down here. My area of
      research is everything South of the Virginia border. I have been able to
      document 650 incidents in the two Carolinas and the Savannah River area
      of Georgia. This was an area heavy with Scottish settlers, and most of
      the Highland regiments came here at one time or another.
      Out of the 650 actions, I have only found a bagpipe used twice.
      One time, in combat, was from a secondary account (Moore's Creek Bridge)
      and the other time, not in combat, was a primary account (hearing
      bagpipes from the British trenches during the Siege of Savannah).
      We don't ban it down here, but I do think it should be put aside
      due to interests of historical accuracy during the battle.

      Patrick O'Kelley
      2nd Regiment of the North Carolina Line

      "This is a most confusing time. The leading rap singer is white,
      the world's best golfer is black, and Bill Clinton just got back from
      - Paul Harvey

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