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Fw: Common-place Vol. 1 No. 2

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  • Molly & John Maass
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      Subject: Common-place Vol. 1 No. 2

      > Notice to Subscribers:
      > As you recover from the frantic festive season, ring in the New Year
      > by celebrating with us the publication of our second issue today.
      > Like our award-winning first issue, Volume 1, Issue 2 of Common-place
      > promises to enlighten and engage, with lively new features by Molly
      > McCarthy, who confesses her addiction to eBay, and by Ann Fabian, who
      > enters the fray in the battle over Kennewick Man. Also included:
      > Ezra Greenspan's tour of a website devoted to Harriet Beecher Stowe's
      > Uncle Tom's Cabin, Barry Bienstock's inspiring tale of teaching high
      > school students about 1492, Richard Wrightman Fox's defense of
      > writing history backwards, Laura Rigal's look at Ben Franklin's
      > passion for "electric books," and Jane Kamensky's answer to the
      > question, "Why spend Columbus Day and Thanksgiving marching in the
      > street?" Stephen Nissenbaum's "There Arose Such a Clatter" -an
      > investigation of who really wrote "The Night before Christmas," plus
      > reviews and more, including your own contributions and commentary at
      > Common-place's "Republic of Letters."
      > Since its launch in September, Common-place has already earned a name
      > for itself as an innovative "middle ground" between jargon-ridden
      > ivory-tower scholarship and the diluted version of American history
      > too often found in popular magazines or on television. In recent
      > months, we've earned awards and "picks" from USA Today, Brill's
      > Content, The Scout Report, Yahoo.com, and others, all applauding our
      > vivid writing, elegant design, and fresh approach to bringing the
      > past to the public.
      > As always, you can expect Common-place to embody informed
      > scholarship, impassioned opinion, and energetic prose. Visit
      > www.common-place.org today and let us know what you think of the
      > newest addition to our family.
      > Jill Lepore, Jane Kamensky,
      > Co-Editor Co-Editor
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