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Battle of Boyd's Creek

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  • Michael Lowe
    Hello Liste, There will be a re-enactment of the Battle of Boyds Creek in Sevier County, Tennessee (Close to Sevierville) the second weekend in December. I
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 30, 2000
      Hello Liste,

      There will be a re-enactment of the Battle of Boyds Creek in Sevier County,
      Tennessee (Close to Sevierville) the second weekend in December. I received
      some preliminary information from Mike Dahl who is co-ordinating the militia
      aspect of the fight. He has kindly granted permission for me to post this
      info here in order to perhaps stir some interest among ye the faithful.
      This info is at least 2 weeks old and I spoke with Mike today and the
      numbers of participants has increased somewhat. It sounds like an
      interesting event and one worthy of our support, so if you can make it
      please come on down.

      Here follows the details I received;

      > 1. Dates are Saturday December 9 through Wed, Dec 13. The actual date of
      > the battle was December 13, 1780.
      > 2. The reenactment will be on the Temple Acres farm on Boyd's Creek Pike.
      > This property is the site of the battle.
      > To access, take exit 407 off I-40 and go towards Sevierville/Pigeon
      > Forge. After you cross the French Broad River and pass the Knife Works
      > store, turn right onto Boyd's Creek Pike and follow it about 5.5 miles. A
      > large red barn was "Temple Acres" painted on it. There are supposed to be
      > signs posted.
      > 3. The reenactment is sponsored by the John Sevier Chapter of the SOR.
      > 4. The battle will be on Sunday afternoon.
      > 5. Water, firewood and port-a-johns will be on site.
      > 6. Some 35 members of the 2nd NC have promised to come. More people are
      > needed. Especially natives--there are only 6 or so signed up.
      > 7. Filming will be by the Heartland Series.
      > 8. Some of the filming will be at Fort Loudoun and Sequoya Museum. No
      > times for filming have been set yet.
      > 9. Key characters have been assigned. There will be no speaking parts.
      > 10. Tom Patton was asked to be the native camp coordinator. I was asked
      > coordinate the militia camp.
      > 11. The plan is to make this an annual event.
      > 12. On Monday, Tuesday and Wed, the camp will be open to scheduled school
      > field trips.
      > Please let me know by Monday, November 27th if you can attend. George
      > Washington is quoted as saying that the Battle of Boyd's Creek was the
      > successful battle of the American Revolution--a comment based on the
      > effective strategy that Sevier employed.
      > This is a first-time event and is being planned by folks who have never
      > put a reenactment together but are very willing to learn and ask for help.
      > There might be a few rough edges, but we will of course work through
      > Try to make it if you can.
      > thank,
      > Mike.

      If any one is interested in obtaining more information please feel free to
      contact me off list(or on list if you want, I have nothing to hide). Thanks
      for your consideration and I hope to see you there.

      M.E. Lowe
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