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Grenadier coats different?

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  • J. L. Bell
    Paul Pace wrote:
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 30, 2000
      Paul Pace wrote:
      <<So why were the Grenadier coats listed separately? We know the grenadier
      coats cost ~1 shilling more[ 16/2 vs. 15/3 ]. The Grenadier Book at
      Aldershot shows the 42nd Grenadier to appear to have the lace on his coat
      reversed, that is- with the off-center red line to the inside vs. outside.
      This would make the coats different, but not more expensive. ~1 shilling
      [11 pence] seems too high for the cost of a set of wings considering the
      base price of the coat.

      Any other grenadier records out their that might explain this anomaly? >>

      I know there's debate about how big grenadiers actually were, but it seems
      clear that people expected them to be larger than the average soldier.
      Perhaps the need for more cloth plus the wings added up to 11p.

      Light infantry coats using less cloth than average but "winged," the
      purchasers may have decided that those modifications canceled each other
      out and they cost the same as regulars'. Just a thought.

      J. L. Bell JnoLBell@...
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