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    What a neat question, thank you for bringing this one up! Kind of makes you think, doesn t it... ...and Mickey, glad to see you posting! Don t be shy... My
    Message 1 of 3 , Nov 5, 2000
      What a neat question, thank you for bringing this one up! Kind of
      makes you think, doesn't it...

      ...and Mickey, glad to see you posting! Don't be shy...

      My top three reasons, I guess, would be

      1. I've always had an interest in history, ever since I was a
      kid--loved historical novels and movies (well, I thought they were
      "historical" at the time, ok??), had my first air rifle at 7 or so,
      played cowboys and "guns," as we put it, with the boys in the
      neighborhood (always was a tomboy!) I was fascinated with old music
      and foodstuffs from my earliest memories, and remember parching
      cornmeal for mush when I was little, forcing it on my unsuspecting
      friends. (Hey, don't knock it...) My first real job was at the Old
      Jail Museum in Independence, as a costumed tour guide--their first, but
      I'll bet not their last.

      I think a LOT of us come to the hobby that way...we still get to dress
      up and play, and the everyday reality just slips away.<G> What could
      be more magical than looking out over a camp at night, seeing the
      fires, smelling dinner cooking ( I _like_ pease, ok??), or hearing
      someone playing a wooden whistle off in the distance. What could be
      more exciting than the sound of fifes and drums before a battle, and
      the smell of gunpowder? Or standing on the battlements of an old stone
      fort like Ticonderoga, looking out over the lake in the moonlight, or
      walking the streets of Williamsburg at night and seeing nothing but
      other people in clothes that fit the scene? Or watching dancers by
      lanternlight, or someone turn a bar of iron into something useful--it
      really IS magic.

      2. It's a wonderful way to keep _learning_. You're never bored,
      because there's always something more out there to research, to dig
      for. Whether period music, food, drinks, clothing, women's roles,
      nuances or timelines of military uniforms, how our ancestors tanned
      leather, what crops were grown in a specific area, what proportion of
      runaways in a given area were of what background, elements of
      ethnicity, what goods were imported from where, family history, crime,
      bawdiness and other revelry, religion, medicine, superstition, useful
      wild plants, crafts like blacksmithing or gunsmithing, there's always
      something "new" to discover.

      I'm a bit of an iconoclast (she said in the personal understatement of
      the year<g>), and I LOVE finding some arcane fact in the primary
      documents that modifies or disproves yet another misconception or
      stereotype...it's exciting and fun, and a real treasure hunt, and I
      literally can't wait to share it. The odd stuff is so much fun...

      The LISTS are so much fun...lots and lots of information out there,
      often sparking further explorations. Bored? I can't imagine it...

      Obsessed, now, that's a lot easier to imagine...<g>

      3. The people. Like many of you, most of my friends are reenactors or
      historians. (We're ALL nuts, who else is gonna understand?)
      Reenactors, historians, living history interpreters, whatever...almost
      all the people I know in this thing we do are intelligent, involved,
      and INTERESTING (and Ian said it far better than I could...). They're
      quirky and funny and curious about life. They're intense, and
      committed. (And some of us probably should be...<G>) I may not agree,
      always, with the people I come in contact with, but it's fun to bat
      things back and forth. Again, I always learn something...

      They're also, as Dave says, a cut above the norm, or so has been my
      experience. I know there are cutpurses and users in any group of
      people, but my experience in this hobby has been that people are
      usually helpful, patient, kind, compassionate, and ready to lend a hand
      when needed...

      Graphics/Fine Arts Press
      Journal of the Middle Waters Frontier
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