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Katcher's book and NC troops

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  • Patrick J OKelley
    Howdy, ... clothed ... hunting ... of ... smoothed ... well ... I was looking for Leffert s descriptions so that I could find some primary stuff.
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 1, 2000

      >Generally, it seems that North Carolina troops were extremely poorly
      >for much of the war. Various descriptions put the enlisted men in
      >shirts and overalls, and the officers in coats. Katcher says with a bit
      >sarcasm that North Carolina seemed to have its clothing problems
      >out by January, 1783, because by that time the remaining regiments were

      I was looking for Leffert's descriptions so that I could find some
      primary stuff. Unfortunately Katcher has research that was compatible
      for the Bicentennial. Lots of stuff has surfaced since then. Katcher
      has the NC troops wearing hunting frocks virtually the entire war, but
      they had some pretty good uniform issues around 1778 and 1779. That is
      what I'm looking for. Don't rely on Katcher, newer stuff has come to

      Patrick O'Kelley
      2nd Regiment of the North Carolina Line
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