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Monmouth Thank You

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  • Matthew Murphy
    Dear all, Now that I ve had a day to recover from the event, I wanted to thank everyone who helped make this past weekend s event a success.  Those of you
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 18, 2013
      Dear all,
      Now that I've had a day to recover from the event, I wanted to thank everyone who helped make this past weekend's event a success.  Those of you who've ever had a part in event planning or staffing know that there are countless details that require attention and a good team is vital for insuring that all bases are covered.  On behalf of the 2nd NJ, Helms' Company I'd like to publicly thank some of those who contributed to the effort:

      -Our co-hosts, Paul Loane and the 43rd Foot/2nd Pa.  The 2nd NJ and 43rd/2nd have co-hosted some successful events in the past and I know we'll work together again.  Paul's experience and good humor cuts away much of the stress that may otherwise exist when putting together an event such as Monmouth.    
      -Park Historian Garry Stone (aka "Mr. Monmouth") for everything he's taught us about this very important but confusing engagement.  Garry was the point person for all aspects of the event and he helped make the planning process easy for all.
      -Park Superintendent Mark Pitchell and maintenance supervisor Jim Noe.  These gentlemen and their hard-working staff at Monmouth Battlefield State Park are another one of the reasons why many feel that this site is one of the most reenactor friendly RevWar locations anywhere.  
      -The Continental Line, British Brigade and Brigade of the American Revolution for joining forces and making financial contributions for various projects. 
      -Congressional Forces Brigade Major Kevin Coyle (1st Continental Regt), the brains behind the operation on our side of the event.  Kevin's experience, knowledge, cool-headed organizational skills really made the planning and execution of the event as smooth as possible.
      -Congressional Quartermaster, Nelson Abrams (2nd NJ).  I can't believe I've know Nelson since I was 12 and he'd never served in a role like this before.  He and his set-up assistants (Pat Fancera, Scott Lance, 2nd NJ) spent all of Thursday laying down lines for our massive U-shaped camp all during some really scary weather.  QM'ing's a thank-less job but Nelson nailed it and addressed and rectified issues as they arose during the event.  
      -Battalion commanders Tom Vogeley (1st NJ), Barry Greene (2nd Mass), Bob Healey (4th Legionary Corps), Jim Stinson (Proctor's Artillery), Glenn Valis (Outwater's Militia) and Chuck Faust (Pa. State Regt.).  What can I say but WOW, you guys kept on your toes and did excellent work in the field.  
      -Drum Major Joe Greene (2nd Mass).  Don't be surprised if you see this smart and attentive young man in front of the combined music again.      
      -Lisa Tolles (2nd NJ), sutler coordinator.  A very, very difficult job given the limitations she had to work with but the results were great.  
      -Steve Dillon (2nd Va), coordinator for Saturday morning's march-in.  An extremely talented musician but also a great guide.  Steve lead 30 - 40 folks from many units in an early morning march that traced Washington's route from Englishtown to the battlefield and in excellent time.  
      -The weather!!!  I think we all know that had it been "Monmouth hot" those large battle scenarios wouldn't have been as exciting as they'd turned out to be.  What a godsend.  

      I'd like to apologize for the absence of toilet paper near Vogeley's "southern" battalion on Saturday night and Sunday morning.  We didn't get the number of potties we'd asked for our camp but I thought we were OK until late on Saturday night when word got to Nelson and I that TP was running out.  It was too late to find an open store and the park's staff had left hours before.  

      Some important, miscellaneous notes:

      PLEASE CHECK YOURSELF FOR TICKS!  A number of people have found deer ticks on their bodies so do a careful check and have another person take a good look at your neck, ears and hairline.  

      A member of the 1st Virginia lost a 3-point blanket near the 1st Va/7th Va camp.  If you discover that you'd mistakenly left with this blanket, please contact the owner: konstantin202@...

      During break-down on Sunday, the 2nd Mass found a car key near their area.  The key was turned in to park authorities.  

      The QM left with a few lost items such as hats, a basket and other small items.  Please contact me if you're missing any items. 

      Some of you may have noticed a photographer, Bruce Neumann (3rd NJ), documenting action during each day's engagement.  I'll be sure to forward a link to his edit once I receive it.  
      I'm working on my own AAR and will send it to all once I've scraped my memory and committed it to some sort of logical format. 

      I remain...
      Yr Most H&OS,
      Matt Murphy
      2d NJ Regt, Helms' Coy.

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