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Re: Robert Hunter, Jr. - Visitor to Mount Vernon 1785

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  • John Koopman III
    Thank you Karen, that was most helpful. John
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      Thank you Karen, that was most helpful.


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      > Robert Hunter, Jr., was the twenty-year-old son of a Scottish merchant living in London. In May 1785, Hunter left London on a journey to the United States and Canada. Hunter's father had has asked him to make the trip abroad to collect overdue debts from before the signing of the Declaration of Independence. His journey included stays in Quebec, New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. At his father's request, Hunter kept a detailed diary to document his journey. The diary, entitled "Quebec to Carolina in 1785-1786: Being the Travel Diary and Observations of Robert Hunter, Jr., a Young Merchant of London," was later published.
      > In November of 1785, Hunter visited Mount Vernon. Washington must have liked him because he opened up in his company more than he did with other guests at Mount Vernon with whom he felt less comfortable. He gave Hunter a personal tour of his fields and gardens, shared his archive of wartime letters with him, and even invited him into his study, one of the most private areas of the house. Hunter recorded many observations about Washington in his journal, including details about his appearance, routines and personality.
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