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Historic Camden (SC) This weekend!

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  • John
    This coming weekend at Historic Camden, 222 Broad Street in Camden SC- we will put our combined efforts towards helping an Historic Site that helps tell the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2012
      This coming weekend at Historic Camden, 222 Broad Street in Camden SC- we
      will put our combined efforts towards helping an Historic Site that helps
      tell the story of The Southern Campaign of the American Revolution and
      receives no government support- so they count on you and me.

      At the end of this email is a list of work we hope to accomplish on
      Saturday, and into Sunday. You do not need to stay the entire time- if you
      can do 4 hours or so, please come and pitch in!

      Our weekend will run from 9:00 a.m. on Saturday, until we have to quit that
      evening, with breaks for meals and rest. Sunday morning we begin again at
      9:00 and will run until about 3 p.m.

      Lunch on both Saturday and Sunday will be provided, as well as a meal
      Saturday evening. If we have enough energy and desire we'll burn our brush
      in a Bonfire Saturday night.

      We have about 20 volunteers committed, and really need another 10 to 15 to
      make a bunch of progress- can you come for a time? I'll be on site Friday
      early afternoon, and camping there for the weekend.

      Yes, if you want to stay over, you may camp on site- modern tent or car
      camping encouraged, RV spaces on site, or there are several close motels.

      Please bring if you can:

      Chainsaws, brush trimmers, rakes, shovels, gloves, comfortable clothing, hat
      for shade, lawn pesticides, hammers, portable power tools, etc. etc. etc.
      (Use your imagination if need be)

      If you can't come, but think someone else could, please send them this
      email. Everyone is welcome, you need not be a history buff, you just need a
      desire to help out where you can.

      If you can make it, either reply to this email, or visit
      http://events.rncr.org/LaborDay/laborday.htm to let us know for planning
      purposes. Likewise, if you said you could come but plans have changed also
      let us know.

      A small keg of Carl's Special Brew will be available after work for those 21
      and over.


      John Thornton


      704-576-3372 mobile

      Here's the project List:

      Rebuild Redoubt

      Work to repair (at least) the front of the redoubt, to
      include resetting posts, repairing walls, and installing Firing Steps near
      the entrance. If time and resources allow, construct and fill gabions at the
      entrance and at the artillery position. Use extended roundup as possible.

      Re-Set Palisade Wall lower grounds

      Remove palisade that has rotted at ground level, dig trench
      with backhoe, stand wall back up, and backfill.

      Clean out & repair Wood Storage Pen behind KC House

      Remove all wood, cut all brush inside, treat with pesticide
      and extended roundup. Stack all wood back inside, verify locks work, and
      investigate roofing wood storage.

      Cut Up, Split, and stack Firewood behind KC House

      Cut all wood behind KC House to length, split, and stack in
      the Wood Storage Pen. Downed & Cut wood from other areas of the site may be
      brought back as well.

      Trim Brush, small trees, and deadfall as needed around site.

      Turn Brush Arbor into a more permanent display.

      Repair Brick Steps- various around site

      Replace broken or missing bricks as needed.

      Repair Kershaw Basement Doors, front and back

      Both sets of doors stick in damp weather. Hinges are loose,
      doors need to be restored to proper function.

      Fill Low Spots front of KC House, back of Brit Camp

      Bringing dirt from the pile, or scraping high spots, fill
      areas that tend to puddles when raining.

      Check Doors & Steps on dogtrot, tavern, and cabins

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