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Artillery Bayonets (was Re: [Revlist] Fix bayonets with a 1776 contract rifle)

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  • Andrew Watson Kirk
    The carbines and Bayonets are not in order that the artillery might serve as infantry (at least not primarily) The artillery s primary enemy would in fact be
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      The carbines and Bayonets are not in order that the artillery might serve as infantry (at least not primarily) The artillery's primary enemy would in fact be cavalry (in the am rev this a little moot) and a spear that just happens to be able to shoot a projectile out of it is a little better defense (from both cavalry and infantry) than a hanger, which any gun crewman would tell you simply gets in the way.

      There is virtually no evidence, written or otherwise that suggests anyone other than sergeants in the RA carried hangers.

      An RA orderly book, from Col. Pattison in 1778 makes the following entries:

      "Brigade Orders
      Philadelphia 9th February 1778
      The Quarter Master will Receive out of the Store to Morrow the Carabines and Accoutrements that Completed for the 4th Battalion for which he will give a Receipt to the Com'y and on the day following will Have both Arms and Cloathing to the Commanding officers of Companies for the Number of their duty men including servants and Sick...

      ...And Accoutrements of the 4th Battalion have been very unacceptably lost or destroy'd the precaution has now been taken to Letter & Number the whole for each Compy The Commanding Officers will therefore take Care when they deliver them out that each Mans Name with the No. of the piece given him be enterd in A book from which each officer & Non Commis'd officer should have a Copy for the Squads they belong to in order that
      (173) every one for the future who may lose any part of his Arms and Accoutrements and Cannot Assign a very Satisfactory Reason Shall besides the punishment he may incur make good such loss to government by paying for the Same at the following Rates viz.
      For a Carabine_________ £ 1 ,, 6 ,, 0
      Bayonet__________ 0 ,, 4 ,, 6
      Pouch and Belt___________ 0 ,,9,, 6"

      Andrew Kirk.
      43d Rt.

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      > --- In Revlist@yahoogroups.com, Todd Post <todd.post2@> wrote:
      > > Some in the artillery would have bayonets on their carbines, as depicted in Don Troiani's new print based on Kochan research:
      > True, but were they not so armed to protect the gun? Would they abandon the gun to participate in a bayonet charge by the line? Would any competent officer give such an order?
      > Joseph
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