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Attention to Orders for July 4, 1775

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  • umfspock87@cs.com
    Dear List, Below are the general orders issued 235 years ago today, the day after General Washington s arrival in Boston. Happy Independence Day, Mike Cecere
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      Dear List,

      Below are the general orders issued 235 years ago today, the day after General Washington's arrival in Boston.

      Happy Independence Day,

      Mike Cecere 7th VA

      Head Quarters, Cambridge, July 4, 1775.

      Parole Abington. Countersign Bedford.

      The Continental Congress having now taken all the Troops of the severalColonies, which have been raised, or which may be hereafter raised for thesupport and defence of the Liberties of America; into their Pay and Service.They are now the Troops of the UNITED PROVINCES of North America; and it ishoped that all Distinctions of Colonies will be laid aside; so that one and thesame Spirit may animate the whole, and the only Contest be, who shall render,on this great and trying occasion, the most essential service to the Great andcommon cause in which we are all engaged.

      It is required and expected that exact discipline be observed, and dueSubordination prevail thro' the whole Army, as a Failure in these mostessential points must necessarily produce extreme Hazard, Disorder andConfusion; and end in shameful disappointment and disgrace.

      The General most earnestly requires, and expects, a due observance of thosearticles of war, established for the Government of the army, which forbidprofane cursing, swearing and drunkeness; And in like manner requires andexpects, of all Officers, and Soldiers, not engaged on actual duty, a punctualattendance on divine Service, to implore the blessings of heaven upon the meansused for our safety and defence.

      All Officers are required and expected to pay diligent Attention to keeptheir Men neat and clean; to visit them often at their quarters, and inculcateupon them the necessity of cleanliness, as essential to their health andservice. They are particularly to see, that they have Straw to lay on, if to behad, and to make it known if they are destitute of this article. They are alsoto take care that Necessarys be provided in the Camps and frequently filled upto prevent their being offensive and unhealthy. Proper Notice will be taken ofsuch Officers and Men, as distinguish themselves by their attention to thesenecessary duties.

      No Person is to be allowed to go to Fresh-water pond37a fishing or on any other occasion as there may be danger of introducing thesmall pox into the army.

      [Note 37: Otherwise known as Mill Pond, south ofCharlestown Common and west of Bunker Hill.]

      It is strictly required and commanded that there be no firing of Cannon orsmall Arms from any of the Lines, or elsewhere, except in case of necessary,immediate defence, or special order given for that purpose.

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