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RE: [Revlist] Re: The event you asked for - the purpose of "what makes a good event"

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  • Jack Sherry
    Will m, That is an excellent idea! Jack Sherry To: Revlist@yahoogroups.comFrom: buzz.mooney@gmail.comDate: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:21:56 +0000Subject: [Revlist]
    Message 1 of 40 , Nov 1, 2008

      That is an excellent idea!

      Jack Sherry

      To: Revlist@yahoogroups.comFrom: buzz.mooney@...: Thu, 30 Oct 2008 13:21:56 +0000Subject: [Revlist] Re: The event you asked for - the purpose of "what makes a good event"

      This is a subject I've actually been thinking a lot about, lately. Oftentimes, the public has questions, but we're all busy participating in the event. I propose that each event, or even each unit have what I call an "under the rope guy"; He (or she) is the person who is specifically designated to step outside the rope between us and the public (I know there isn't always an actual rope; I'm speaking figuratively) to explain what's going on, answer 21st century questions, etc. (This person would have to be adept at fielding the "Is that a real baby/fire?" type of question) We might even consider setting up a "recruiting sergeant's" tent, complete with dummy board, halberd for measuring height, (see "The Packet") enlistment forms, etc. as an information tent staffed by a rotating set of volunteers. Units could also have recruitment flyers available, and if there were enough volunteers, some might even act as tourguides. This would provide a means for members with sprained wrists, bum knees, etc. to participate during a weekend in which they might otherwise stay home. The "Sergeant" could even entertain kids by "recruiting" them, leading them through a manual of arms, etc.All of this would be on a voluntary basis, but I think it could help us to connect with the public in a way that would help us all.Yr Obed't Serv't,Will'm Mooney--- In Revlist@yahoogroups.com, "qsysopr@..." <qsysopr@...> wrote:>> Greetings Patrick;> The event you propose sounds like a lot of fun. In addition, I'm going to approach things from a slightly different perspective. I am still focused on the public, whose attendance frequently pays for our opportunity to come out and play. I've had many a person come up and engage me for one reason or another; only to have me abandon them for my call to duty. It's these people that I want to engage and hopefully foster enough interest to join the hobby. I have read many good suggestions about camp sports, crafts, and routine chores to compile a short list that I will actively pursue. In addition to that, I remember as a new recruit to the hobby the difficulty I had in learning the skills required to field effectively. I am still (and probably always will) learn more, but I want to pass on what I know to those that are new. Our ranks will only grow if those new recruits feel welcomed and us veterans are willing to listen and teach the newcomers. As our membership ages, might it be productive to have the folks who can no longer field stay in camp to educate others?> > Regards,> Patrick Carroll> Regt. Bourbonnais and 7th Mass Regt.> > ---- Patrick O'Kelley <goober.com@...> wrote: > > =============> Howdy,> > > Yes, those are the dates for Jerusalem Mill the only national BB/CL > > event scheduled for next year. I say that as currently there is no > > second national event, though people are scrambling, but you never > > know, and at this late date (less than a year), that is not good.> > I'm working with the event organizers to move the date slightly, a > week or two in front of or behind that date. This may put the date on > Memorial Day, which may or may not be a plus for some. More information > will come out within the week. > Stay tuned.> > Patrick O'Kelley> goober.com@...>

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    • Patrick O'Kelley
      Howdy, ... is very ... a GREAT ... Unfortunately Jerusalem Mill killed this event. I have attempted to get those in charge to move the date, but they cannot.
      Message 40 of 40 , Dec 16 2:54 AM

        > What is the latest on this event? Has a date been set yet? Our unit
        is very
        > interested in attending and is awaiting any info, as it sounds like
        a GREAT
        > event!

        Unfortunately Jerusalem Mill killed this event. I have attempted
        to get those in charge to move the date, but they cannot. So this
        same event may happen next year.


        I have another iron in the fire. This one is an even bigger
        immersion event. It is pretty much set up like WWI reenacting, where
        you do total immersion from sunup to sundown, and a little longer,
        then go home on Sunday.

        We have to figure out how to do the logistics, but if this event goes
        down it will be towards the middle of North Carolina, and in late

        More information will follow, sometime in January.

        Patrick O'Kelley
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