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RE: [Revlist] EXTREME farbisms, was Re: Mount Vernon and hair

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  • erin michaels
    Dear friends, I m going to jump on this wagon. I heard cell phone ringtones multiple times this weekend, and it really annoyed me. I was at Mount Vernon to
    Message 1 of 39 , Oct 1, 2007
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      Dear friends,

      I'm going to jump on this wagon. I heard cell phone ringtones multiple times this weekend, and it really annoyed me. I was at Mount Vernon to be in the re-enactment, and cell phone ringtones was one of the last things I wanted to hear/see/experience. Please, pretty please, place your cell phones on vibrate.

      Erin Michaels
      "I have heard that in war Haste can be Folly but have never seen Delay that was Wise." Sun-tzu, The Art of War

      To: Revlist@yahoogroups.comFrom: goober.com@...: Mon, 1 Oct 2007 17:07:26 +0000Subject: [Revlist] EXTREME farbisms, was Re: Mount Vernon and hair

      Howdy,> One more observation from the weekend was how little farbism I noticed. This was a pretty good weekend, and the Southern Battalion (The Carolina Brigade with attachments) got to hone even more of our battalion drill. The only thing that really annoyed me was the farbism. I'm not talking about hair or anything superficial that can't be recognized from a distance. What I am talking about is the age old psychological need to have a car in camp, until morning, or to have a lantern stand. I was amazed at this, since we have outgrown this bicentennialism down here, but it seemed that about every 10 tents there was the ultimate farbware of a lantern stand. This was also on a night with a full moon, and you didn't even need any lighting at all to see where you are. These lantern stands continued to pervade the camp throughout the weekend until someone physically took them down and threw them in the tents. Within a few hours they would come back out. Why is there a need for this damn thing? Why isn't it just totally outlawed already? The other thing was the cars in camp, til morning. Some unit commander (the cars were parked in the northern and mid-atlantic area) should have found out who's cars they were, and moved the damn things. There are some folks who just have to have their car right beside them, and I don't know why. The newest psychological need is the cell phones. Folks, can you go a weekend without checking your email or walking around the camp talking out loud to your buddies on your cell phone?>We can argue all day about facial hair but it's a > fact that queued long hair was without dispute the predominant hairstyle, and > the majority of the re-enactors this weekend did not have proper hair. Unless you are in the Carolina units. By general order, you can have your hair long and queued up, or you can have hair cut short, so it resembles a modern day military haircut. Works out well for our military folks. I have posted those references from the South Carolina orderly books numerous times, but since I am at work I don't have access to it at this time. Patrick O'Kelleygoober.com@...

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    • matt vincett
      Hey, and just to drive it home a little more,.... I have copies of a merchants manuscritps, (baisicly his books) HWere he notes selling cotton cards, this
      Message 39 of 39 , Oct 4, 2007
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        Hey, and just to drive it home a little more,.... I
        have copies of a merchants manuscritps, (baisicly his
        books) HWere he notes selling cotton cards, this
        was in about 1777/8. He travelled on the edge of the
        apalacians through the upper peidmont and as far north
        as pa. I understand he was primarially located
        (based) near charolotte NC.


        --- Jay Callaham <callaham@...> wrote:

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        > From: JJG46@...
        > >
        > >
        > > Cotton was extremely expensive until the creation
        > of the cotton gin. All that
        > > handwork on the cotton plants did cost $$$$$
        > >
        > > John Godzieba
        > <snip>
        > That is one of the myths of this era. Cotton was a
        > lot more common than we've been led to believe.
        > Labor was cheap - especially slave labor. William
        > Bartram mentions in his "Travels" poor people and
        > even slaves were wearing cotton clothing in FL, GA,
        > and the Carolinas in the early to mid 1770s.
        > Carding and spinning machines were on display in
        > 1788 according to the "Pennsylvania Gazette."
        > The Carleton Papers specifically mention cotton
        > checked shirts in a 1779 receipt.
        > Nils Person posted the following regarding cotton
        > rifle shirts for Dan Morgan's men:
        > "They refer to the original rifle company of 1775
        > and suggest that the riflemen were uniformly dressed
        > rather than "wearing what they brung". So it's
        > important
        > to know what rifle company you intend to represent.
        > "... The uniform of Morgan's Regiment was a short
        > frock made of pepper and
        > salt colored cotton cloth like a common working
        > frock worn by our country
        > people, except that it was short and open before, to
        > be tied with strings;
        > pantaloons of the same fabric and color, and some
        > kind of a cap, but I do not
        > now remember its form. This was their summer dress."
        > 19th Century Pension Papers, Describing Daniel
        > Morgan's Company of Riflemen
        > in 1775.
        > So, it was around. Seems I remember Pausch's Diary
        > mentioning cotton knee breeches, but that's memory
        > of something translated - so - - whatever. But
        > cotton garments were there and were used by the
        > military.
        > Who, when, under what circumstances - - all apply.
        > That's why my guys wear hemp trousers, linen shirts
        > (but cotton checked shirts for fatigue), wool
        > waistcoats.
        > Jay
        > Coldm Regt

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