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995Re: linen straps

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  • Alan O. Stanley
    Mar 1, 1999
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      Messrs. Traver,
      It has been my experience that learning to sew is going to be an imperative
      in this hobby. I knew enough to sew on patches in the Navy, now I am learning to
      a great deal more. I just finished my first shirt and have almost completed my
      second. My dear wife knows how to do these things but, she does not like to sew.
      So, I wear the skirt (kilt) and she wears the pants. haha I guess you will have
      to get used to it. I think a lot of men in this hobby have learned to do so out
      of necessity. LOL

      Timothy N. Traver wrote:

      > From: "Timothy N. Traver" <tntraver@...>
      > List(e),
      > Thanks to all who sent me info on making linen straps for a tumpline. It is
      > something like skinning a snake! The construction of the straps seems
      > simple, I'll have to have the queen of the sewing machine show me how to run
      > the darn thing! It's never too late to learn a new hobby...
      > Regards,
      > Your Humble & Obedient Servant
      > Tim
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