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973Re: linen straps

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  • Equus65@aol.com
    Mar 1, 1999

      I can't recall seeing any original cartridge pouches/boxes or bayonet
      carriages made with linen fabric cut and sewn into straps. However there are
      several made of linen webbing about 2 to 2 1/2 inches wide. By webbing I mean
      a strap made on a loom, sort of like the 18th C. version of a auto seat belt.

      This sort of linen webbing has become available in the last year or two. Some
      of it is flax linen from England, where it is used as equistrian surcingles,
      and others are from China where it is made of heavy brown hemp linen.

      Roy Najecki
      40th Foot, Light Infantry
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