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5497linen straps

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  • Timothy N. Traver
    Jun 9, 1999

      A while back I asked the list for info on linen straps for use as a
      replacement for worn out leather slings for cart boxes, etc..

      I got the following related e-mail and thought I'd pass it on to the list in
      case anyone might be interested.


      Tim Traver

      In response to your inquiry, we do have a Linnen Girth Webbing, which is
      a twill woven 2" wide webbing (#15-2, $3.20/foot). It would probably do
      nicely for a cartridge box. If you need more info, we have a catalog for
      $1.00 which lists all our webbings, and we also have a sample collection for
      and additional $5.00 that has a piece of the Linnen Girth Webbing in it.
      Hope to hear from you soon!
      Wooded Hamlet Designs
      4044 Coseytown Road
      Greencastle, PA 17225-9677
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