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  • mass17752000
    Jul 27, 2014
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      Hi all,

      Apologies for the shameless self promotion.

      I'm pleased to announce my latest book, "I See Nothing but the Horrors of a Civil War", is now available on Amazon Kindle.

      It is commonly stated history is written by the victor. The American Revolution is no exception. As a result of the American triumph in the War for Independence, loyalists historically have been placed in a negative light. In countless works and popular culture, loyalists have been portrayed as corrupt, inept, greedy people whose blind faith to the British crown led to their downfall. However, such a blind and erroneous stereotype only undermines and trivializes the struggles of the American loyalist. 

      By the conclusion of the American Revolution, between 80,000 and 100,000 loyalists had fled the American colonies. Almost half of them escaped to Canada. Of those, 45,000 refugees settled in the Canadian Maritime region. An additional 9,500 refugees fled to the Quebec province. From Quebec, 7,500 loyalists ultimately settled in Upper Canada. These men, women and children that fled the American colonies left behind more than their homes. They left behind their experiences, personal belongings, communities, friends and relatives 

      Regardless of their economic or social background, native born whites, immigrants, slaves, freemen and Native Americans banded together in support of King George and the British government. Regardless of the lack of supplies, political support or financial backing, the campaign to defend the British crown was enthusiastically and admirably waged by loyalists from the print of local newspapers to the Saratoga Campaign. Granted, their defense of British policy often fell on deaf ears and their military endeavors were often insufficient to turn the tide of war, their willingness to undertake such endeavors is noteworthy. 

      "I See Nothing..." is the story of the men, women and children from New York and the Hampshire Grants who chose to remain faithful to the Crown and fought as part of McAlpin’s Corps of American Volunteers. 



      Alex Cain

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