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140435religion and the colonies

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  • bgh_dn
    Dec 8, 2013
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      list  read  the book  the chaplins  and clergy  of the  revolution
       and  excelent  read  on  the  chaplins  who  faught  along  side
       the  common  soldiers. revolution  was  preached  right  from
        the pulpet. freedom  of religion  and  breaking away  from
        the  church  of england 
       being  taxed  for not  attending  service
        was  a part  of  the  indepence  faught  for  as  well  as  the
         right  to attend  the church  of your  choise.  based  on the
        actual  journils  of the  chaplins  true  stories  of the  men
       who  helped  form  this  nation. bravery and curage  battles
        and  sufferings  to paint  a picture  of  the  revolution  and
       the beliefs  of  most  people  of the  colonial  pieriod
                                                william b   7th va