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140430Re: [Revlist] Black Muslims in American Revolution.

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  • mario doreste
    Dec 7, 2013
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      Considering that many (if not most) slavers were Muslims, that estimate would be quite skewed. Islam prohibits a Muslim for holding a fellow Muslim in bondage.

      As far as names, I've known quite a few guys named Jose and Juan that couldn't speak Spanish and weren't Catholic, so having a sort of, kind of, Arabic-sounding name is proof of nothing.

      This insistence on "Muslims in the Revolution" is very much modern political correctness and has little to do with actual history.


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      I'm requesting any information from other members also. Skepticism is in order. It is "estimated" that 15-30% of blacks transported to America during the slave trade had Muslim backgrounds so it is simply inferred that a proportional number who served in the Revolution were of this faith. But many were converted to Christianity, and considering the nature of slavery, the absence of Qu'rans in any language (let alone the use of Arabic), makes it very dubious that many would retain that faith- especially through one or more generations.

      I think any claims of a Muslim influence on the Revolution are unsupported and many (but not all) claims of Muslim identity among Revolutionary War soldiers are dubious. Peter Salem was (and still is, due to the internet) identified as a Muslim- based on the assumption Salem was a variation of the Arabic Salim. Almost certainly the name was adopted from Salem Massachusetts. I do not currently have access to fold3 pension applications to check further records, but I may have a single reference to an applicant identifying himself as a Muslim, but he may have adopted this faith subsequent to the Revolution. (More when I am home and have my research with me)

      ~ William Myers, independent historian.

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