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140428RE: knapsack markings

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  • donhagist
    Dec 7, 2013

      A good rule of thumb for equipment marking is:

      If the soldier himself owned it (Regimentals, necessaries, and clothing in general) then it is marked with the man's name or at least his initials.

      If the regiment owned it (Arms, camp equipage) then it is marked with a "fraction", "rack number" or whatever you want to call it (I've never found a period term for it).

      The knapsack was owned by the soldier; after he was discharged, he kept it, along with all of his clothing. There are references to pensioners still having their knapsacks.

      As such, no "fraction", "rack number" or what have you, because it stayed with the man rather than being returned to the regiment.

      Examples to the contrary are of course welcome.

      Don N. Hagist



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