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  • roofushudson
    Dec 6, 2013
      For an added bit of period "flavor" and perspective, from the diary of Private Thomas Foster, 7th Massachusetts Regiment, May 31, 1782:

      We had a grand rejoicing on the birth of a young dauphin. A bower was built which would have cost as much as any meeting house in the state. A grand entertainment was made as ever was made in America and was graced by His Excellency General Washington at the head of the bower. Fired on the occasion 173 cannon. The whole army was paraded and fired 3 rounds at 7 o’clock which made a grand show and after that was the display of the fireworks which lasted till 12 o’clock and to end all was a sup of coffee when the illumination was put out and 3 cannon fired. Such a grand scene I never saw before and it was all for one little French pickaninny, a Roman Catholic. Oh strange this from what our forefathers fled from. Would they have done the like? No, by no means. We may now see what we have degenerated to and what I fear we are coming to, which behooves us to be on a strict watch and guard. The day was a fine cold day and pleasant, all things done orderly without any hurt as to the lives of any and not any drunk, but all merry.



      Bob McDonald

      "I hope ever to see America among the foremost nations in examples of justice and liberality."

      George Washington
      15 March 1790

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