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140420knapsack markings

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  • highlander84ns
    Dec 6, 2013
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      i All,

      *Cross-posting alert.*

      My winter project plan is to get together three kits of refurbished/ retrofitted uniform pieces to be ready in the Spring to loan out to prospective new, (and hopefully enthusiastic) recruits.

      . I've seen a number of photos and research on canvas knapsacks and have pretty much settled on a design for one to keep each of the uniforms together.

      Has anyone encountered any mention or examples of regimental markings on military knapsacks? I would like to mark them #1, #2 and #3 to keep track of them, but would like to do it in a period appropriate manner if possible.

      The only reference i've ever seen for knapsacks for the 84th were when they were ordered to be made of "saile cloth" in 1775.

      Any information would be appreciated.


      Kerry DeLorey,

      84th of Foot

      in Nova Scotia

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