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138862Re: Dining in the 18th C.

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  • lrs_jersey
    Mar 15, 2013

      There are a number of good references but perhaps the best to start with would be "The Festive Tradition" by Louise Belden. It was published some years back but an excellent resource. "Dining at Monticello" by Damon Lee Fowler would be another. If you look in other books with less obvious titles, you can still find a wealth of information with excerpts of accounts of dining experiences, inventories or descriptions of the food, how it was served, etc. Chastellux's "Travels in North America" is one such book as are similar accounts of travels and journeys. Which will serve you best depends on what exactly you're looking for -- upper class dining at home, in hostelries, at special banquets; dining among the British military elite; or merely normative customs of the "middling sort" in Colonial America.


      --- In Revlist@yahoogroups.com, "Alexander Bosch" <lobster1768@...> wrote:
      > Dear List:
      > Whole Shelves could be filled with Books concerning the Silverware of the english 18th C., what Porcelain laid on the Table and how a mid-1760s Wine-Glass looked like.
      > However, I would like to ask, if there are an decent Books or Papers out, that deal with the non-material Side of a fine Diner in Societies upper Parts? Any books on Etiquette, Writings on how a Diner was structured and Papers regarding the Layout and use of Utensils and Foods?
      > If so, I would greatly apreciate recommendations.
      > Alex
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