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138400Gunston Hall / The Hook / and Williamsburg

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  • umfspock87
    Jan 18, 2013
      Hello Again Everyone,

      OK, so Yahoo won't let my attachment / flyer get through, so we'll have to use plan B

      I'm working with the 7th Virginia's webmaster to post both the Gunston Hall event flyer AND the American registration form. Both should be up over the weekend. To access the flyer and registration form, go to our unit website at:


      On a very different note, I wanted to give everyone interested in either this year's Colonial Williamsburg event and/or the national event in southern Virginia (Return to the Hook) a heads up about a big change for Williamsburg.

      It is my understanding that to celebrate the opening of CW's new armory, they have moved the American living history event (called Prelude to Victory) from October to mid-November. This is for 2013 only. I don't know if they plan to stick with the prelude theme, I assume not as it would be a month past Yorktown. The details don't really matter as much as making everyone aware that the annual CW encampment and the Hook event will not be back to back events as many folks believed last weekend at the CL/BB meeting.

      So that means that the folks that we talking about coming down for Prelude and staying in the area until the Hook can't do that, and those who were unsure they wanted to make back to back long drives ( or only one long drive ) to southern Virginia, don't face that hard choice. Now the long drive can be spaced out over a month.

      So I hope this news causes more units to join us for the Return to the Hook event on Oct. 19-20, 2013.

      All the Best,

      Mike Cecere 7th VA

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