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138189Re: Maryland State Marines - anyone know anything

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  • BDodgeWeaver@AOL.com
    Dec 6, 2012
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      --- In Revlist@yahoogroups.com, "britmarinecapt" <britmarinecapt@...> wrote:
      > . . . As you know, the blue rifle frock, or hunting shirt, was issued to distinguish the marines from the other MD land forces . . . whether any of this stuff was ever issued, or in the appropriate colors, is another matter . . . Jim McG

      Dear Jim: The following citation is from Browne's Archives of Maryland, Vol. XVI, p. 288 -

      "C. B.
      Friday 13th June 1777.
      Present as on yesterday . . . Ordered That the Western Shore Treasurer pay to Colonel Thomas Price one hundred and fourteen Pounds, ten shillings for Amt of Acct That the Commissary of Stores deliver to Captn Matthews ten Blankets, fifteen shirts, twelve pr of shoes, four Jackets, thirty three yards of Oznr for the Marines on Board the Galley Independence, also six shirts, three pr shoes, three
      Jackets, & fifteen yards of Oznabgs for the Seamen on Board
      of ditto[.]"

      It sounds liek Captain Matthews is a Naval Captain - not a Marine Captain - as he is also providing for sailors on his vessel. However, I think there is a Captain Matthews that may be from Virginia at this time, and I do not know if this is an instance of interstate cooperation.

      I found this item through a footnote in Katcher's UNIFORMS OF THE CONTINENTAL ARMY. Therefore, at least in one instance Marines on actual service are seemingly getting what sailors are getting. Katcher has a few paragraphs about Maryland Navy clothing, and there are some references to red jackets. You may be able to find more by tracking such items using the name of the Marine officer, or the types of clothing held by the "Commissary of Stores" - I have had some luck tracking information with the German Rt. by the officer's name, and the Maryland Archives seem to have a great deal of "receipt" type paperwork.

      As you note, just because the Council of Safety declared an appropriate uniform does not mean it actually got issued.

      Hope this helps - Regards - Thad Weaver, German Rt.
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