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138187RE: [Revlist] Maryland State Marines - anyone know anything

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  • Woolsey, David
    Dec 6, 2012
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      Here is all that I have been able to find in the Maryland archives...

      "That one month's pay be advanced to each person who shall be
      so enlisted or entered as aforesaid, and that over and above the pay
      of the non-commissioned officers and privates of the battalion, in-
      dependent companies, and companies of artillery and marines,
      each of them be yearly found and allowed, at the expense of this

      province, a new hat, short coat, waistcoat, pair of breeches, and
      hunting shirt; out of their pay there may be reasonable stoppages
      for necessary shirts, shoes and stockings.

      That the uniform of the land forces and marines be hunting-
      shirts; the hunting shirts of the marines to be blue, and those of
      the land forces to be other colors. "

      There is no mention of "frock". I don't know if a "short coat" is a
      regimental uniform coat with shorter "tails" or if it's some sort of
      sleeved waistcoat. The problem I think one has is determining if the
      hunting-shirts were the external uniform, and the "short coat" was worn
      underneath in colder weather, or if the "short coat" was worn in lieu of
      the hunting-shirt, under certain circumstances.


      Dave Woolsey

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      The fact that Maryland had marines is fairly well known. It is also well
      known that part of their issue included a blue frock, but they were also
      issued with a "short coat." Does anyone here have documentation on what
      color the coats were?

      Jim McGaughey

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