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  • Roy
    Nov 18, 2012
      Hi Everybody,

      We are here and sorry for the difficulty in getting hold of me. We are still cleaning up from Sandy storm damage. Nothing real bad (torn house siding and downed trees), but time consuming. To add insult to injury, just before the storm our hard drive got corrupted and email crashed. I've got everything restored, and am now using Windows Live Mail which is supposed to be more stable. Come spring I'll wipe the hard drive and install Windows 8 which hopefully will be much better than XP.

      Sherri - your package was shipped before the storm. I'll track the package down this week.

      Lots of people ask about Debra. She had to quit work this summer and is now home. Debra quickly bounced back from treatments and surgery for the previous two bouts of cancer, but this last one has left her weak, unfocused, and always tired. She will start sewing on a horsehair neckstock or cockade, and within a few minutes her eyes are closed and she is sleeping. Not much I can do but encourage her, keep her fed, and hope her strength and focus returns some day.

      By Monday I'll be caught up with the backorders. The only things I'm way behind on is muskets slings and cartridge pouches/boxes. So those will be the priority in December.

      Roy Najecki

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