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137689Re: [Revlist] Re: [u2nj] Urgent: Reenactors needed for Monmouth Shoot: September 15-16.

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  • Matthew Murphy
    Sep 7, 2012
      I made the production company aware of this.  A tall order for such short notification. 


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      Subject: [Revlist] Re: [u2nj] Urgent: Reenactors needed for Monmouth Shoot: September 15-16.

      this eliminates most if not all of us in the 2nd.......They may have a hard time finding people isn't Brandywine next weekend!

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      Subject: [u2nj] Urgent: Reenactors needed for Monmouth Shoot: September 15-16.


      Dear all,
      A production company filming a piece on
      the Battle of Monmouth is looking for youngish reenactors to participate in a
      filming next weekend.  The project manager, Andrew Scherr (ascherr@...)
      has said that they will pay $100 a day.
      Please read on for more info and be sure
      to contact Andrew if you're interested in participating.
      Thank you.
      Matt Murphy
      ...no longer young enough for film
      shoots.  :-(
      2d NJ Regt, Helms' Coy. 

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      From: Andrew Scherr <ascherr@...>
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      Sent: Thursday, September 6, 2012 4:09 PM
      Subject: Monmouth Shoot


      Below are shoot details per my phone call. I will call you in a few to follow up.



      -We NEED Continentals and Grenediers. 8 Continentals and 8 Grenadiers who can also dress as officers. 

      The film is an 11 minute movie about the battle of Monmouth. We will be shooting details of the battle, specifically people wounded, dying, loading guns, etc. 

      -Shoot with Continental line and British Troops will be on Saturday and Sunday, September 15-16th. There may be some shooting on the 17th. 

      -We need about 8 guys on each side and maybe 4 others who are great day players. For the British, we will need Grenediers, infantry and guys who can operate muskets. For the day players, we would like these folks to really be into their parts and excited about showing the emotion that went along with the battle. Anyone who is a particularly good actor or good at things like showing emotion, dying, etc. would be ideal. They won't need to say any lines but their expressions will need to speak volumes. 

      -We will need muskets and bayonettes. If you have cut bayonettes so we can simulate stabbing, please bring those as well. 

      -We need to make sure the people we get are age appropriate and really look the part. On the continental side, guys need to look young, ragged and worn out. Perhaps tell the younger guys not to shave beginning 4-5 days prior to the shoot. 

      -PHOTOS: I checked the website for the continental line and the British Brigade for photos. I found some but what I'd really like are individual pictures of each person so that we can see what they look like and learn their names. Also, if we need make up for certain people, we can be prepared. 

      -Our goal is to capture the emotional, not the tactical.  So we are going to be shooting medium and close up detail shots to capture the grit and emotion of the battle. 

      -The guys who come are going to get dirty. We will pick up the dry cleaning bill for everyone who participates

      -We can work  out a stipend for anyone who participates

      imagine what we do.

      andrew scherr | project manager
      ascherr@... | 781 255 1555 ext 213
      boston productions inc. | 290 vanderbilt avenue, suite 1 | norwood ma 02062
      visit us: AMM INDIANAPOLIS | booth 29w: www.bostonproductions.com
      fb: www.facebook.com/imaginewhatwedo

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