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  • Robert Mouland
    Mar 24, 2011
      Greetings list.

      I am happy as can be to announce my new CD of English Country Dance music,

      "The Lover's Luck". I really wanted to have it done in time for Fort
      Frederick this year

      and I made it. Huzzah. (I'll be there a the Market Fair on Saturday and
      Sunday, as well as

      Dover Days in Dover,DE on May 7th.

      The CD uses my four antique instruments: baroque violin (c.1760), baroque
      flute (c. 1790)

      flageolet (c. 1850-60) and English guittar (c. 1770). In addition I play the
      union pipes

      which are the early version of the Irish Uilleann pipes and the clavichord.

      are fascinating early keyboard instruments that originate in the middle
      ages. Each key has

      a tangent of brass sticking up on the end, and when you play a note that
      tangent strikes and

      lifts a pair of brass strings. This simple action is probably the origins of
      pianos for unlike the

      harpsichord which can't alter the volume of each note, the clavichord has
      limitless range in

      the volume you play albeit within a TINY envelope. The instrument is
      remarkably quiet

      overall (they were personal ractice instruments mostly). If you shake the
      key you actually

      get vibrato. amazingly explressive overall. They were most popular in
      northern Europe

      and were made in Scandanavia right through the middle of the 19th century.
      In the mid 18th

      century there were builders here in America especially among the Moravians.

      The Lover's Luck was a collection of 20 dances (with tunes) published by
      Thomas Bray

      in 1699. I have included four pieces from that book as well as two American

      The Young Widow and the Belles Of Newport. That one was written by the first

      African-American professional musician and composer Newport Gardner.

      The tracks are:

      The Portugal Minuet

      Softly Good Tummas

      The Lover's Luck


      The Brandywine

      A Conceal'd Health

      Barbarini's Tambourine

      Rosamond's Pond

      Belles Of Newport

      Successful Campaign

      Old Wife Beside The Fire

      Granadier's Exercise

      The Young Widow

      Easter Eve

      La Piece Futoise Cottillion

      If you don't run into me at an event they can be purchased here:



      Robert Mouland

      www.wireharp.com <http://www.wireharp.com/>

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