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124625Re: how to make a riflemans blanketroll ?

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  • mike
    May 17, 2010
      Hey William,

      The term is "tumpline" and here's an edited version of what I put in our unit manual sans pictures. A tumpline should be fat and narrow—no wider than your shoulders works best. Begin by folding up your blanket so that it is the width you want and about four or five feet long. In the process, fold in a strap or rope with a couple feet hanging out one end of the folded blanket and the shoulder loop formed by a wide strap in the center of the rope/strap hanging out the other end. Or, you can use a shorter rope and lay the ends across the folded blanket near the edge where you start to roll it up. Leave enough rope hanging outside each side of the roll so that you can wrap them around the roll and tie it securely.

      Arrange your goodies in the middle of the blanket(you can be clumpy, here) and roll the whole thing up into a big braciola—or Little Debbie Swiss Roll for you non-Italians. Use the ends of the strap/rope hanging out to securely tie the roll together, pull the loop over your head and arrange it across your shoulders with the pack square on your back, and away you go. Make sure you have padding or a wide strap on the portion that rides on your shoulders—otherwise, it gets uncomfortable rather quickly. It'll take some experimentation to find the size of the loop that works best for you but, you can start by putting your elbow on the roll and adjusting the strap so that it forms a "V" with your extended fingertips at the point.

      Mike Barbieri
      Whitcomb's Corps

      --- In Revlist@yahoogroups.com, ddbaughsurfer@... wrote:
      > list when i was at martin.s station event a week ago i saw
      > riflemen with blanketrolls some
      > had one long strap you go over your chest , others had it like
      > a backpack straps one arm strap
      > on each side i think they call it a tampion i hope i said that
      > right . can someone tell me
      > how to make the one with the long strap that goes over your
      > chest. any help appreciated
      > thanks william b 7th va
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