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115401Re: Maintenance and Cleanliness on 1776 Campaign

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  • raynersteve
    Mar 1, 2009
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      Hi John;

      Thanks for this item, too. Can you or anyone fill in for us where the
      17th were? It's not clear from the orders whether they were at Newark
      or another location. Were they on the march or in camp (campaign) or
      where they in quarters or barracks (garrison)? If this reference fits
      the pattern I proposed, they might have recently arrived at quarters.
      Marching again might throw a wrench into their cleaning program.

      Typically, troops are entering winter quarters around December. If
      this is what is going on, the orders fit the norm and the orders are
      given to resume cleaning accoutrements.

      This is part of what makes your humble servant question whether
      cleaning of accoutrements was done in the field. If it was being done
      routinely in the field, why the orders to resume? It's the
      intermittence and timing.

      I hope that we can locate more references related to the activities of
      a range of regiments.

      Best Regards,

      Steve Rayner

      --- In Revlist@yahoogroups.com, "John U. Rees" <ju_rees@...> wrote:
      > Yet another reference, this time early war ... John Rees
      > "General Orders Newark 29th Novr 1776 …
      > Regimental Orders
      > The Quarter Master will appoint the waggons to the Grand
      > Divisions that Each may know their Own and the Companies to draw
      > provisions for the Drivers.
      > The flour to be made into bread and Baked this Evening.
      > The Men to Clean their Accoutrements and set about washing their
      > Linnen. … If the Regiment Should not march tomorrow the Men [are] to
      > parade at a 11 O'clock as Clean as possible."
      > Order Book, 17th Regiment of Foot [British], Lt. Col. Charles
      > Mawhood, 11 October 1776 to 28 December 1776, New-York Historical
      > Society (transcription by Gilbert V. Riddle).
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