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Pitch string validation This is the validation I run, and send to Dave. Since I only upload 1993-present data, if someone wants to run it for pre-1993, please do so. And if others
Mar 8
BBOS 6.0 Hello, There was a release of BBOS today (Pitch F/X and Retrosheet data database loading tool). Release notes are below. Please post any questions to the
Kyle W. Willkomm
Mar 5
Re: Inherited runners Here is my final code The first query has a subquery that finds the event_id of the relief pitcher’s batter faced, and then joins back to the events to get
Brian L Cartwright
Dec 23, 2013
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Re: Inherited runners I believe the RUNx_RESP_PIT_ID takes care of the shifting of pitcher responsibility as described in the Chadwick documentation
Brian L Cartwright
Dec 21, 2013
Re: Inherited runners Just wondering if you are allowing for the shifting of pitcher responsibility between base runners. For instance, Reliever Face enters game with no out and
Clem Comly
Dec 21, 2013
Re: Inherited runners Think I got that, looks like I’ll have to make one pass to find the inherited runners and a second to find how many scored. Thanks! Brian Cartwright From:
Brian L Cartwright
Dec 21, 2013
Re: Inherited runners Use the events where the runs actually score. Select pitcher [not result pitcher] where destination_of_runnner_on_first > 3 and pitcher !=
Clem Comly
Dec 21, 2013
Inherited runners How can we tell which pitcher was on the mound when a particular runner scored? BASEx_Run_ID during a relief pitcher’s first batter will tell which bases
Brian L Cartwright
Dec 21, 2013
Learn how to use Retrosheet Gentlemen, I'd really like to learn how to use Retrosheet, and hopefully in the process a database like Access. My business uses a large amount of data, and
Dec 18, 2013
Re: runs scored from event files ... to pick up PRs who score also use the destination fields instead: Select batter_id WHERE batter destination > 3 UNION ALL Select first runner WHERE runner
Clem Comly
Dec 3, 2013
Re: bat_fld_cd ... Glad to have you here Clem. I believe you, or someone at Retrosheet, said that "official does not imply right". It is very interesting how silly the
Dec 3, 2013
bat_fld_cd I finally got around to joining this group and didn’t see a correct resolution to this thread posted. As if the AL in 1973 wanted its DH stats to be as
Clem Comly
Dec 3, 2013
Re: Error checking Wonderful, thanks! I forwarded to Dave. Tom ... The Book--Playing The Percentages In Baseball http://www.InsideTheBook.com
Oct 6, 2013
Re: Error checking https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AiJWR6a0B5vndEFtVXZ4Q3JabXIzQUNKa1R2dkVJRGc#gid=0 ... -- -J
James Gentile
Oct 6, 2013
Error checking I ran this for Dave for 1993-2012. I don't have my DB updated for prior to that. If someone can volunteer to run this for prior to 1993, please post here,
Oct 6, 2013
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Re: baseball ID cross reference? The last file posted was in March. Does anyone know when an updated file might be available? Thanks. ---In RetroSQL@yahoogroups.com,
Oct 1, 2013
Calculating Runs Scored from the Events File I am trying to calculate in-season statistics for players using the Events file from Retrosheet, and have had some trouble calculating the runs scored for
Aug 14, 2013
Ed Ecklund
Jul 28, 2013
Re: Bat_fld_cd Thanks, Tom. I'm actually away from my d/b at the moment but will check tonight.
James Gentile
Jul 26, 2013
Re: Bat_fld_cd I think it was pinch runner? That is, he came into the game as a pinch runner, then his turn came back up in the same inning? Anyway, should be easy enough to
Jul 26, 2013
AUTO: Eric Lundeen is out of the office (returning 07/30/2013) I am out of the office until 07/30/2013. I will be out of the office until Tuesday 7/30. You can contact Brett Pennington (blpennin@...) in my absence.
Eric Lundeen
Jul 26, 2013
Bat_fld_cd To isolate PAs by DH only, you'd use bat_fld_cd = 10, correct? Then what is bat_fld_cd 11? Anyone know?
Jul 26, 2013
CWEvent / BEvent In the output of bevent or cwevent, what do the values in bat_play_tx mean? It is a text field, but populated with integers. I spy integers above 60, out of
Jul 15, 2013
py-mlb So I'm playing around with Wells Oliver's py-mlb scripts and having some issues (I think) with my db.cfg file. I have
Jun 17, 2013
Players ID in Yahoo Hi everybody, Trying to find a table with the Yahoo Players ID. Any ideas? Regards, Freddy
Apr 20, 2013
Re: baseball ID cross reference? Thanks Michael. It's a really good work...
Apr 20, 2013
Re: baseball ID cross reference? Freddy - here's the link: http://chadwick-bureau.com/the-register/ Michael Thain
Michael Thain
Apr 18, 2013
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Re: baseball ID cross reference? Hello, I was following the thread but it's not clear to me the steps to follow if I will be interested on the Chadwick's master persons register and ID
Apr 13, 2013
Re: Events that comprise an AB? I remember this, I think the discrepancy was a catcher's interference call, but I can't recall the specific event. Doesn't look like I saved my notes when I
Michael Donato
Apr 2, 2013
Re: Events that comprise an AB? Looking Jeter up on B-Ref, he's credited with 740 PA and 683 AB, so 57 non-AB events - 45 BB, 5 HBP, 6 SH and 1 SF, plus 1 IBB. I have those exact same totals
Brian L Cartwright
Apr 1, 2013
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