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Wes Bonser Benefit

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  • Ivy
    Some of you may have seen this other places, other groups, whatever. Wes is a wonderful friend to many of us in this group and out, and in the faire community
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 30, 2001
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      Some of you may have seen this other places, other groups, whatever.
      Wes is a wonderful friend to many of us in this group and out, and in
      the faire community at large. Am pasting from Boats post (of HWT's
      email) to AFR in its entirety. I'd add more about the situation, but
      it's summarized nicely. If you'd like more detail about his condition,
      drop me an email, and I'll bring you up to speed.

      With love, light, and healing towards all,

      Will Teach wrote:
      If you never ever read another Corsairs e-mail again, please read this

      You know Wes Bonser, right? Big tall studly muscular jouster-type(Sir
      Willaim Blackthorne)? Builder, painter, carpenter, and drywaller
      extraordinaire? Seller of goods various and sundry? You know him,
      trust me.

      Well, Wes has had a very bad run of luck lately, and we ask you for
      your help. Wes lost his job a couple weeks ago, and a few days after
      that, had an horrific accident that landed him in hospital. Seems he
      stepped out of bed one day last week, and groggily tripped himself,
      blowing out his knee. The incridible pain caused him to pass out, and
      he lay unconcious atop his own legs for 14 hours before coming to and
      dragging himself to the phone to call 911. The lack of circulation in
      his legs caused his muscles to turn to sludgy black goo, and the
      resultant goo caused his kidneys to fail. Wes has been hospitalised
      for over a week now, has undergone repeated dialysis, and has been
      forced to face an uncertain prognosis on getting to keep his legs.
      Also, because his muscles got all swoll up, the doctors had to "split
      the skin" to give them room to expand. Ick. It was feared at first
      that his legs would be lost, but it now appears that he will keep his
      right leg, but may still lose the left below the knee. God willing,
      and if we know Wes at all, he'll keep all his legs and be walking on
      them in a few short months. It's definitely not an easy road ahead
      for him.

      Anyhoo, Wes isn't going to be able to work to support his Jell-o
      habit, and COBRA (the last resort, fall-back insurance plan, for those
      of you who've never heard of it) wants to charge and arm and a leg to
      continue his insurance. We've already established that Wes hasn't any
      legs to spare, so we need your help. We're not asking for something
      for nothing however, so here it comes . . . the part that's in it for

      This coming Thursday, May 3, there will be a benefit to help pay a
      tiny fraction of Wes's forthcoming medical bills. At the Emerald Mist
      in Richardson (corner of Plano and Campbell), you can see the fabulous
      Corsairs, the Blarney Brothers, Queen Anne's Lace, Zilch the Tory
      Steller, and many others, all coming together and donating their
      talents to help a friend. Since this is very short notice, and the
      Mist probably has a regular Thursday night crowd, we're not going to
      institute a cover charge. There will, however, be many jars placed
      about into which one can place a suggested $5 donation (higher amounts
      cheerfully accepted). All funds collected go directly to Wes. Please
      find it in your heart to help.

      For those of you who cannot make it to the Mist Thursday but still
      wish to help, The Tudor Rose in the Pecan Grove section of Scarborough
      Faire has begun collecting donations, and you can contribute to Wes's
      upkeep there. For those of you from out-of-town, who don't make it to
      Scarb but still wish to help, mail contributions to us. Make out a
      check to Corsairs LTD, and enclose a note that it's for Wes, and we'll
      see that it gets where it's going. Corsairs LTD, POBox 112513,
      Carrollton, TX 75011-2513.

      So, to summarise:

      Wes, bad off.
      Plan A: Come to Emerald Mist Thursday, give money.
      Plan 2: Come to Tudor Rose, give money.
      Plan the IIIrd: Send us a check on Wes's behalf; give money.

      It's been said that the faire community is the best, as far as our
      closeness and our willingness to help our own who are in need. I
      challenge you to prove it.

      Thank you all. We love you.

      Humble Will Teach
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