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  • Karen
    Somebody lookin for a job?? Dragin neraksnikl@aol.com ... From: Professional/Managerial To: neraksnikl Sent:
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      Somebody lookin' for a job??



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      Job Postings

      Engineer Associate

      The purpose of this position is to ensure the safe and proper design and implementation of construction and plat plans for the City.  This is accomplished by ensuring engineering designs and plans meet City criteria and ordinances for construction, reviewing engineering designs for constructability of development, assisting with the review of Capital Improvement Project plans, checking construction plans for conformity with Public Works design criteria and subdivision regulations, and completing field inspections of final construction sites to ensure that final construction is congruent with approved construction plans.  Other duties include providing customer service support to citizens, developers and engineers, responding to inquiries from citizens and developers, making floodplain determinations based on FEMA Floodplain guidelines and interacting with other employees and citizens.  This position does not provide direction to other employees.
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      Status Open
      Category Professional/Managerial
      Job ID 13-043-071013A
      Salary $60,000/yr Depending on Qualifications
      Published Jul 10, 2013, 08:00 AM
      Closing Jul 20, 2013, 05:00 AM
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