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Gathering of the Barbarians event being held on the weekend of July 20

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  • moricktowain
    Hello Renfolks! I d like to interrupt the spam and virus-laden messages with a post from a real person, and I have no clue why I havn t posted about it here
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      Hello Renfolks! I'd like to interrupt the spam and virus-laden messages with a post from a real person, and I have no clue why I havn't posted about it here yet!

      I am running an event next month on the weekend of July 20 at the site of the Middlefaire Renaissance Festival. This event is called Gathering of the Barbarians and is intended as a barbarian themed social weekend with Live Action Role Playing game elements. The event starts on Friday, July 19 and goes until July 21. It is a high immersion event (only a few modern conveniences will be permitted. It is also an event for those 21 years old and up, due to the fact that it is BYOB and I don't want to be spending the entire weekend policing the event for underage drinking, as well as because of the nature of this event.

      Some of the activities planned include:
      * Gladiatorial combat tournaments (using foam/latex weaponry)
      * Combat gauntlet (using foam/latex weaponry)
      * Arm wrestling in the tavern
      * Strongest Barbarian challenge
      * (Burn Ban permitting) Bonfire and drumming on Saturday night
      * Public flogging sessions

      Any type of barbarian type character is welcome to the event, this includes the fantasy style barbarians, vikings, gladiators, and even including Scots, Native Americans, Picts, and mythological creatures.

      Cost to attend the event is $10 for those that simply want to come out and socialize and do the non-combat activities (like the arm wrestling, drumming, etc.) and $25 for those that want to do the combat activities as well as the non-combat ones. Free pre-registration (all admission is paid for at the door) is *required* for the event and can be done by going to the event's registration page at http://gatheringofthebarbarians.eventbrite.com and selecting which of the two registrations you want. Please note: By simply showing up and not pre-registerring, the cost increases from $10 to $30 for non-combat, and $25 to $50 for combat. Those that come as something not appropriate for the event (like coming out dressed as a royalty character) will have a $5 penalty imposed on them and they will not be able to participate in the combat activities.

      We also have a facebook page with a lot of details on what is planned at https://www.facebook.com/GatheringOfTheBarbarians

      [Disclaimer: Although the organizer of Gathering of the Barbarians is part of the staff of the Middlefaire Renaissance Festival, and there may be other staff from Middlefaire attending this event, Gathering of the Barbarians is *NOT* associated with the Middlefaire Renaissance Festival. The organizer is renting the site for this event.]

      Clayton Jackson
      aka Asterion, King of Mythos, the kingdom of Mythological Creatures
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