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Memorial Picnic for X & PapaGnome (Scolaighe) - Cross Posted

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  • ~*~Teanha~*~
    Hello Everyone: I am sorry I didn t post this to the groups sooner.  Below is the invitation we sent out on Facebook.  If you are not on FB please feel free
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      Hello Everyone:

      I am sorry I didn't post this to the groups sooner.  Below is the invitation we sent out on Facebook.  If you are not on FB please feel free to return your RSVP to teanha_mac@... (Teanha) or alrisaera@... (Pama.)  If you are on FB and, for some reason, did not receive the invitation, please e-mail me your FB profile name and I will be glad to add you!

      Also feel free to forward the invitation to any group I may have missed.  And Teach, would you post to RF.com and the Phoenix Risen group, please?

      If you have questions, please e-mail one of us directly as I get a lot of digests and do not want to miss any questions.  Thank you!

      It has been a long and grueling year for us all. Both men were dearly loved by more people than they could have imagined. Each of them has burrowed into our hearts, where they will always remain.

      Michelle (Pama) and T invite you to attend a memorial picnic where Mike (Papa Gnome) and X (Kevin) will be honored. We aim to celebrate their lives to our greatest ability.

      Date:     Saturday, 17 April 2010
      Time:     11:00 - 17:00
      Location:   Cullen Park, Phase II, Pavilion C (19008 Saums Rd, Houston, TX 77084)

      We understand with Scarby (and other commitments) it may be hard for everyone to attend. But we hope the weekend we chose can open the possibilities up for as many as possible. This is a family-friendly event.

      Please feel free to bring something to grill and/or a picnic-type dish to share! Be sure to e-mail T or Pama what you will be bringing so we don't double up too much. We already have the following in contributions:

      T - Hamburgers & Hot Dogs (Games - Apples to Apples & Uno)
      Kindle - Hamburger Veggies & Coleslaw
      Sandy - Decorations, Papergoods

      (We still need buns & hot dog veggies, too.) Also, bring drinks for your family unit & your camp chairs. Alcohol is allowed, but please keep in mind, the pavilion is rented in T's name, so drink and act responsibly! (T has no qualms asking you to leave if you don't. And you won't be driving home if you're drunk, either.)

      If anyone has any games they would like to play, PLEASE bring them!! Also, if we could get a few folks to volunteer to arrive early (say around 10:00am) and stay late to help us set up and clean up, we would be forever grateful! (Please post with your contribution if you will be able to assist & and if you are bringing any games.)


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