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Faery Get together at Sherwood May 16th

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  • Moon)Dawg
    For all those who are interested in being a fairy character at Sherwood Forest Faire, or for those who simply wish to get in touch with their sprightly
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2009

      For all those who are interested in being a fairy character at Sherwood Forest Faire, or for those who simply wish to get in touch with their sprightly inner-sElves:
       If that ain't you, please feel free to forward this invitation to your winged friends and relations.
      The First semi once-in-a-while Faery Workshop Campout will take place
      starting at 11:00 am Saturday May 16th at the Sherwood Forest
      Fairegrounds!  EarthMammaWillow, otherwise known as Faery-Coordinator
      extraordinaire Brooke Chaney, will be our host.  She and her team of
      Faery experts will lead us through the do's and don'ts of faerydom,
      the mannerisms of various common faeries (which you may develop your
      own faery character from), and methods by which faeries may best
      acquire shiny metal and square paper leaves from patrons.  We will
      learn to make cobwebs in trees, how to speak animal languages, and we
      will dance in a fairy circle at the stroke of midnight. Basically a
      regular business meeting for faery folk.  I hope we will learn what in
      the world a Seelie is... I thought it was a kind of mattress, but
      apparently it has something to do with forest folk, and both seelie and non-seelie
      fairies are welcome. * This just in- EarthMammaWillow says Seelies are happy, light faeries
      and Un-Seelie are a bit more gloomy and dark* We're learning already!
       Here is Earth Mamma Willow’s invitation to you:
      Host: Sherwood Forest Faeries!!
      Type: Meetings - Club/Group Meeting
      Network: Global
      Start Time: Saturday, May 16, 2009 at 11:00am
      End Time: Sunday, May 17, 2009 at 2:00pm
      Location: Sherwood Forest faire site
      Phone: 832-338-0282
      Email: earthmammawillowdesigns@...
      The first faery workshop for the sherwood forest faeries!! You may
      arrive after 11 am on Saturday and camp Saturday night. Official
      workshop hours are from 1 to 6pm on the 16th. There will be a
      midnight faery circle and faery crafts and other activities Sunday
      morning for those who can stay.
      Here are driving directions (Updated):
      IMPORTANT: DO NOT follow the map from the website.  That entrance is unfinished,
      as is the new entrance with signs on 290.
      Use these directions instead:
      From Houston--- Take 290West. Getting close to Austin you will go
      through a town called Giddings.  Go all the way through, and about a
      mile past Hwy 21- and you are very close.  You will be looking for a
      driveway on the right. There is a white 4'X8' blank sign beside the
      gate. We will hang up a brightly colored butterfly kite on it to guide
      you. (If you get to Old Potato Rd. you have gone just a little too
      far. Turn around, and it is the third drive on the left.)
      From Austin-- Go East on hwy 290 past Elgin.  You will pass a road
      called Old Potato Rd,
      and the Entrance will be the third driveway on the left after that
      (and more visible than
      the first; the second is our new, unfinished, entrance--- don’t try
      it; you’ll get stuck).  There will be a blank, white 4'X8'sign by the
      gate. We will fly a Bright Butterfly kite on the sign to mark the
      Careful coming in--- it is a very fast-moving part of the Hwy.


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