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The Rose Will Show.....

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  • Robert Mank
    The Rose Will Show The Way Deep to the core itself doth it sink and settle, a blackness unrelenting. Joining and entering that very essence of life, turning it
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 5, 2008
                                      The Rose Will Show The Way

      Deep to the core itself doth it sink and settle, a blackness
      unrelenting. Joining and entering that very essence of life, turning
      it to the very blackness, as it emanates and fills the vastness, with
      the power of itself. Soon all is filled and begins to now stretch
      out, breaking through tiny openings and corridors, leading out and
      upward. A living virus of darkness that takes over the body of this
      host, traveling slowly - over eons, from that core ever upward.
      Soon that which began ages ago, when this world was still young,
      rises closer. And then it finds that barrier set long ago, to protect
      the land above. And - after eons patiently testing that barrier -
      that virus below finds a weakness. Begins to invade the world above….

      She suddenly wakens in alarm. Her gossamer wings unfurl, as her
      wings spread outward. With a tear in her eyes doth she rise, and
      sends out the alarm to the Protectors.
      And prays it is not too late.

      In that early touch of daylight doth she stand at the aft of the
      ship. Medium length blond hair blowing lightly as it is played with
      by the breezes that blow over the bulwark. Long strong beautiful legs
      encased in a pair of golden tights, that pick up the sun's glance
      shining upon them, move with ease at each movement of wave and tide.
      Upon hair she sports a black pirate's hat, with a feather that
      perches lightly upon it. Her beautiful form encased in a medium frock-
      coat, to keep the lady warm from the light chill that seeps upward
      from the water below.
      Lona stares out silently at the passing land across the
      starboard bow of the ship. In the early beginnings of this day the
      crew sleeps silently. Her solitude shared only by the helmsman up at
      the prow, at the wheel-house. This time of morning is a personal time
      deeply enjoyed by this woman, upon a ship that offers little time for
      private thoughts - or for silent wishes, whispered alone in hushed
      whispered tones. Spoken instead only to the ever growing wake of the
      ship below her, carried softly to the horizon as far as she can see
      it. On this ship of many Lona only feels loneliness, a yearning
      steadily building, for something dear to a heart.
      As she lets her silent yearning float down to the wake passing
      below, a movement catches her eye through the mist across the land
      not far away. Looking toward the bank passing by in hazy luminance,
      she soon spies the wings of the bird that flies toward the ship. As
      Lona watches this beautiful white bird fly closer, a dazzling smile
      escapes from her parted lips with a sigh. Watches in amazement as the
      dove flies forward, hovering above her - as the flower held in its
      talons is slowly released. Slowly does it float down toward her
      outstretched open right hand, resting lightly. In fascination does
      Lona gaze down upon the rose, red in color and shiny, feeling the
      warmth which is uncommon indeed. She slowly looks up at the dove, yet
      there is no bird there, nor anywhere around the ship at all. A sudden
      movement at a rocky outcrop on the land catches her attention, making
      her look once more at the hazy outline of passing land. A form seen
      for a moment, entering the forest. A shimmering form, for just an
      instant, glanced as if within a dream……

      From his favorite spot to look out at the ocean he watches the
      strange human ship, as it passes him on its voyage. He doth not fear
      being seen by those aboard her. He is only seen, when this is his
      desire. He watches the ship, silently playing a blade of green grass
      which he nibbles between his teeth without thought. Wonders what
      places those aboard might have seen during their travels. What
      adventures they have experienced. His grey hair feels the soft touch
      of that ocean breeze, making him silently purr within. Keen eyes take
      in the timbers, the mast, the canvas sails. For a moment selfishly he
      also sails aboard that vessel upon this ocean….That he too knows true
      adventure. He has heard tales of others of his kind that are crew of
      ships such as she on the water. And silently he imagines he is one of
      them himself.
      Soon imaginings are interrupted by the movement he sees upon the
      ship, as the sun slowly crests above the far horizon. He watches
      silently, as the human female slowly crosses the length of the ship,
      halting at the back. He looks upon her with his keen eyes. Even with
      the far distance between them, sees her as if right next to him
      Hearing quiet movement behind him, he answers the silent summons
      that reaches his perked elfin ears. He raises himself from that
      outcrop of rock. As he enters the forest his ears hear the whispered
      words of the human female as they float to him softly. Slowing, for a
      hesitant moment he looks back.…at the human female that is at the
      back of the vessel.
      In that instant she seems to stare right at him, two hearts that
      touch silently, unknown to the persons themselves. Reluctantly doth
      the elf Laren once more turn and enters the forest.

      The middle of the town square is a bustle of activity. Vendors
      hawk loudly to passer-by to come see their varied wares. Passer-by
      strolling through the aisles of vendor areas, gazing half-heartedly
      at items, continuing on their way to unknown needs that they only
      know themselves. The sky is a cloudless blue above the town, the sun
      shining down brightly in these early afternoon hours, warming all
      below within its light.
      He walks behind her, unseen to all in this square. To those in
      the vendor areas that young Faerie seems alone. Her long red hair
      played by the touch of breeze that plays softly. Long supple legs
      carry her easily with unnoticed calculated strides, as she
      interweaves effortlessly through the throng around her, all busy and
      unnoticed. Yet he keeps pace easily behind her, as only to his elfin
      ears doth Laren hear her say "Keep up little one," carried from her
      lips upon a whisper. Laren replies back "Yes, YoungMistress."
      He carries the light elfin short sword, feels it ride
      effortlessly against his left thigh and leg. Across his back, held by
      the long thick strip of dark brown leather that goes across his light
      frame, he carries the elfin long sword proudly. Looking up at the
      form of her a few steps ahead of him, easily can be seen the long bow
      carried easily in her right hand. The quiver of light brown that
      rides upon her back, filled with black and red feathered arrows. He
      sees the matching elfin short sword that she carries, riding nicely
      upon her left thigh. He can smell the light brown leather armor she
      wears, the match to the armor he also wears upon his form. A gift,
      given to him by thy YoungMistress herself, to her elf-subservient and
      beloved pet.
      Soon LadyTaret enters the shop she has traveled to. The elf Laren
      unconsciously takes stance near the entrance unseen, to the side
      corner of the vendor's home. When his eyes survey the surroundings
      about him, both elfin ears can still monitor the shop within. He
      looks totally relaxed, yet able to pounce in an instant. Always ready
      to come to the aid or call of the Lady within. To those passing by
      there is just the shop, a beautiful young faerie within shopping.
      None see the older, light boned, grey haired elf outside the shop,
      her escort. Laren is still young for his elfin age, though to the
      humans he would as if a middle aged man. In reality he is just 47
      years old, a young age for elf-kind, who live many years longer than
      human-kind. The world outside the bond between both he and
      YoungMistress is something unknown to him, only hinted at when
      listening to stories. In this elf's heart this present life is all he
      has ever known.
      As he stands his place, he watches as that woman seen earlier -
      at the back of a ship passing by his outcrop of rock, enters the town

      Lona enters the square, looking around her. Too long has it been
      since her boots touched upon real ground. She smiles. It has been too
      long where, instead of a pirate, she can be that woman inside her.
      Brushing the blond hair from her eyes she slowly moves amongst the
      vendor booths, enjoying just being a woman out on the town again.
      As she moves past a group of tables, something makes her halt,
      feeling bewildered. Slowly doth she turn her back away from the
      tables, facing instead at the shops behind her….at the spice shop
      itself. She looks at the entrance, then something makes her look to
      the right side corner of the shop.
      As Lona looks at the side corner….inside her that magic returns.
      Unknown -the heart within reaches out, to that which is at the spot
      she looks at…..

      Laren watches as the beautiful blond female pirate stops at tables
      across from him and the shop. Watches unseen as she suddenly turns
      and looks at the entrance of the shop. Sees the look of confusion,
      that turns into a trance-like pondering. Watches but does not move as
      suddenly her eyes turn away from the entrance. Her dazzling blue eyes
      looking right at the elf. As those eyes look right at him, unknown -
      that heart within him responds also to hers….both hearts once more
      joining - remembering each other deeply. Ages that they have been
      apart pass now to the present time, as two hearts - so long apart -
      find rebirth in each other at last.
      Above the town square she watches with a smile. Feels the rebirth
      of the two below deeply. In response does her own heart sing. Her
      black beautiful eyes watch, as slowly doth her right hand softly
      caress the feathers. Giggles lightly at the crooning that she hears
      float up to her Faerie ears.


      She is closely watched. They see as she halts and gazes at the white
      store front. They have followed silently from the moment she had left
      the safety of the ship. A beauty as she would bring great wealth on
      the market. A lone female, unescorted. Such an easy prize indeed.
      The slavers begin to move as to corral her unnoticed, to cap off any
      potential escape routes. Patrons note deliberate movement and move
      out of the way. Vendors move closer to their booths. All trying to
      stay out of harms way. Yet- unseen to all in that town square,
      standing silent watch at the corner of that store front, a pair of
      clear blue eyes note all. Those eyes take in the looks toward their
      quarry, the female pirate as she moves past the store. And silently
      doth he break his rule….He silently moves.

      Lona shakes her head as she strolls away from the store, lost in the
      thoughts deep inside. Then looks up quick, as her heart warns her of
      danger. A hot fire deep within her. Anger and wariness strong within.
      She stares at the twelve slavers surrounding her, swords and ropes at
      the ready to capture. As they move in, her sword unconsciously is
      taken from her scabbard. And all are surprised to hear a roar, as
      between the pirate and the slavers - an elf takes form from the air,
      long sword held lightly in his hand.
      As pirate and elf stand back to back, as more slavers rush to the aid
      of their brethren, none notice upon a roof - the dove that takes
      wing. As it flies low it soars above Lona and Laren, within its
      talons doth two red roses fall toward them below. Both look up at the
      sound of the beating of the wings.
      As the red rose falls so does it also break apart. Its petals
      touching the air and once more breaking apart. As they do, they
      cascade and envelope the two in splendor….Green doth the petals turn
      upon the lady pirate, and in turn do they turn a dazzling blue upon
      the elf. And they turn to a blazing light, making all drop to their
      knees in their vicinity.

      Above the town does the dove return to her, lightly doth it perch
      once more upon her arm. Looks up as she speaks in the language of
      dreams of the ancients.
      "Rise ….Thy Great ones. Rise, and be born anew, when you are so
      dearly and greatly needed!"
      Looking down at the two below covered in light, LadyThistle smiles.

      The blazing light burns bright around both, and as one doth the light
      shoot up to the clouds above, as swords them selves, of green and
      blue. To those below….in the square, the town itself, and upon the
      harbor near….their eyes look skyward in wonder and awe. Watch and
      remember the tales of an ancient time, as they see what takes the
      place of the blazing light.
      And from the store of white does LadyTaret come out of , and looks
      up. And the items drop from her arms, as a scream of agony escapes
      her heart.
      "Laren! Nooooooo!!"
      And both green and dazzling blue dragons return her agonized cry,
      with a resounding roar of their own, as together both dance amongst
      the clouds.
      Looking up quickly doth LadyTaret see her sister. Heard only between
      both Fairy Princesses doth she cry to LadyThistle.
      "How could you?! He is not ready! He is not ready to give all he is
      LadyThistle gazes down upon her beloved sister, and a tear falls down.
      "You can not continue to protect him dearest one." LadyThistle gazes
      down upon her friend perched on her arm. " To protect him is only to
      leave him not really alive at all." And as this whispers down to her
      sister, doth the dove and fairy vanish from view.

      To be continued ………………………………......................

      Enjoy :)

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