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Red Lion is back! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

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  • FergusMackessock@aol.com
    The Red Lion is ours. WOW...........The meeting was the greatest. We have priority over all others on practically everything. The manager was so very cool. The
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 30, 2007

      The Red Lion is ours. WOW......... ..The meeting was the greatest. We have priority over all others on practically everything. The manager was so very cool. The owner even checked in to make sure we were being treated well and getting what we wanted. Kit, myself, Moonie, Crystal and Jerry were there and it was great. They have food there, finger food, and it is very low priced. Angie, the manager, said she would even bring in another cook if we wanted more kinds of food. They have created a special drink just for us, called the A MAP, and I will tell ya'll more about it later. And only for Rennies at $2.00. All domestic beers sold to Rennies in garb will be $2.50. And other specials will be different each month. And our first gathering is this coming Saturday evening starting at 7ish. And it will be the second Saturday of every month after that. One big thing to remember. NO WEAPONS..... ... This is a bar and weapons are not allowed. But then, what do we need with weapons. Now, an agreement that I brought up with Angie is that one can start a tab but has to leave their drivers license with the bar to ensure payment of said tab. This is my doing. Tab payment has been a problem in the past but only a very few times. I feel this will prevent that from happening, even by accident, and I feel that that is not too much to ask. So, for those with no plans for next weekend come join us. Come back to the Red Lion. Now, the name has changed since we were last there. It is now Putters. But that will be changing soon. New name will be chosen soon. For those that have not been there or forgotten how to get there it is on Highway 407 in Lewisville. From I-35 go west on 407 about one mile and it is on the left. Can't miss it. Any questions, any at all, call me or email me.

      Oh, and sorry about the cross-posting. I just wanted to make sure that everyone got the message. Don't want anyone left out.

      Fergus MacKessock
      Chieftain Of Clan McBubba
      Fur 'n M'Crack of Clan M'Crack
      Kit's #1 Puckerer of Kit's Pucker Pirates
      Member of The Hawkwood Militia
      Member of Camp Redstar
      Member of The Queens Own Highland Guard
      Member of The Claw
      Member of Chaos, #0015
      Member of The 100MPH Club
      Founder of RunningRennies
      Member of United Booser Society
      Gerber, The Drinker of Fairy Guts and
      Maker of Gerber Guts
      Guardian Of The Realm Beneath The Table
      Guide Of The Way Through The Fog
      "Onward Through The Fog"

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