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Re: how insulting!

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  • Cherry, The Lifesaver
    Hey Z, I don t know what this is about, I haven t read Renfolks in a long time. I just stopped in to see what was up and saw a post from you and wanted to say
    Message 1 of 5 , Apr 6, 2007
      Hey Z,
      I don't know what this is about, I haven't read Renfolks in a long
      time. I just stopped in to see what was up and saw a post from you
      and wanted to say HI! Hello! How's it going? I hope to see ya'll
      at Scarby this season.. Miss you,

      --- In Renfolks@yahoogroups.com, Zelena Havoc <zelena_havoc@...>
      > I am shocked that not one of those that were complaining about this
      could take the time to stop the drama and just let him know it posted
      on this site. If it were that he was aware of it or if either of us
      were aware of it he or I would have made apology back when it
      originally happened and attempted to REMOVE it! Instead all that was
      done was a lot of gripping, complaining and suspecting which was
      absolutely unnecessary. You all should know by now that Mark and I do
      NOT do anything deliberately to hurt, damage or anything of the like.
      IN FACT.. we do exactly the opposite. We have given folks money when
      they needed it, we have helped with groceries, and utility bills, we
      have even PAID for folks trips to HEDO III and NEVER been paid back!
      In the end we have been accused of some horrid things and we allow
      those folks live in peace why didn't any of you respect either of us
      enough to contact us or let us know it occurred???
      > Mark is working ungodly hours, just buried his best friend, and is
      dealing with a Runaway all in the same week! I guess you could say he
      has been a little distracted.
      > We would have had the respect for any of you, our "friends" to have
      given you the heads up with out all the drama!
      > I guess we don't deserve that sort of respect???
      > I for one am extremely insulted that you all would go that far,
      knowing who we are, knowing we would NEVER do anything like that on
      purpose, hell look and see how many times EITHER of us has even
      posted in the past 3 YEARS!!!! Does that look like we wanted or meant
      to do something malicious?? NO!
      > Well maybe next time someone will respect us enough to actually do
      what should have been done and let us know there was something like
      that out there that needed to be attended to or an apology made, but
      at this point I have to actually wonder if any one would care that
      > GEESH!
      > -ZELENA
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