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4-Winds last weekend

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  • Arie
    It was a great weekend. Got all set up in the campgrounds early, cooked burgers Friday night, then went to bed. Around 1 am it started to raid cats & dogs
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 3, 2007

      It was a great weekend.  Got all set up in the campgrounds early, cooked burgers Friday night, then went to bed.  Around 1 am it started to raid cats & dogs until around 5 am.  (drove my cat nuts with all the noise and light.)  Got up around 7 am to a little misting, cooked breakfast outside around 8:30 for several of us, on pretty dry ground, no mud.


      We made Fair around 10:30 and the grounds were all but dry, no mud puddles which made for a great day.  Sun came out around noon and several of ladies got bodice tans/burns.  Enjoyed watching the dancers/contact jousting/Brodnogenien Bards, and many other new acts.


      The masked ball that started around 8:30 pm was fun.  Belly dancers by moonlight (full moon) and glow candles, followed by a fire show/dance.  Got in line for food about 10pm and had plenty of great tasting food (just ask Griffin ).  Unfortunately, by the time the last of the people got to the food tent, the selection was down to just a few items.  But I don’t think they thought that almost 300 people were going to show up.  Next year they will probably plan for more people if this year was any indication.  The court dancing started just after the food was served, when everyone was feeling mellow.


      Sunday was a sunny day that kept me in the shade most of the time, except when I went out to my truck to get more to drink.  (This is a byo fair and several of the vendors that know the people will let them keep their coolers at their booths, or you can go out to your vehicle any time you wish to refill, no checks.)


      With about 20 hookups for RVs (electric and water, dump station on the road out) I plan to make my plans early for a place next year.  And maybe looking at being there the first 4/5 weekends until Scarby opens.  They have heated bathrooms/showers, and washer/dryers in the bath house.  There is plenty of room for tents, and they have full use of the bathhouse.  There is a fire pit area at the back of the grounds that is on the backside, louder/party camping goes back there so it can go on for a while as there are no close neighbors.


      Opening weekend usually has a party planned at the fire pit with them providing the meat, others can bring a side dish to add in if they want.  Btw, the fire pit that is dug out is about 6-8 ft across.  They just have to have a rough idea on how many might be there so they can have enough meat.


      Arie & Lilith


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