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RE: [CaptainJackspearls] Missing Mug

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  • Karl Wolff
    Rae, I just talked to Lori at Woody s. She said there was not one turned in. I do hope whoever picked it up did so with the intentions of returning it to
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2007

      I just talked to Lori at Woody's. She said there was not one turned in. I do hope whoever picked it up did so with the intentions of returning it to you.


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      Subj: [CaptainJackspearls] Missing Mug

      Sorry for posting on multiple groups but my Martine mug has come up missing and I'm not a happy person! Not only was it brand new, but it was custom made. Coupled with all that, it has mug favors that include some that are 10 years old and two are from people who have saddly passed away so not only are they irreplacable but have a tremendous amount of sentimental value to me.

      I had and used my mug at Woody's for Tazz and Stacy's wedding. We remained outside almost entirely. In fact, I only went inside twice, once to use the bathroom and once to order a drink that I poured into the mug before leaving the bar to return outside. I have contacted Woody's and they are not returning my calls or E-mails which I find suspicious.

      For those who don't know, it is a 16 ounce Martine mug. It is "left handed" so that when I hold it in my left hand the unicorn is facing outward. It has a bright red unicorn on one side and "Lady Rae" in the same red on the other side. There is a small line drawing of an owl sitting on a quarter moon (just like the owl on Dax's old armour) on the side underneath the handle. Obviously, it is numbered on the bottom because Martine numbers his mugs. The mug has holes on the handle and front top lip for favors and not only are favors hung there but also on the bottom of the handle. Those favors include, but are not limited to, a small plastic white goat, a wooden carved painted rose, leather string with bells, two large silver bells tied with a gold string, and numerous other favors.

      As everyone here knows, Martine mugs aren't cheap so it's return is important for that reason. It's also important because of it's sentimental value to me -- the mug as well as all the favors. There is no way anyone could publically use that mug in the rennie circle without someone recognizing it knowing who it belongs to.

      I don't have a lot of pictures but I do have one of me holding it showing the unicorn side:

      Please, if anyone picked up the mug or knows who did or picked it up and turned it into the bar, please, please, please let me know. Needless to say I am literally heartsick and desperate for it's return.

      Anyone with information about the mug can write me at ladyraestewart@..., IM me at the same ID, call me on my cell (512) 576-9848 or call me at home (512) 280-3473. And please contact me that way and not on groups --- I don't want to add additional clutter here on this topic.

      Thank you -- Rae

      That's "Lady Rae" to you!

      Before you criticize someone, walk a mile in their shoes. Then when you criticize them, you are a mile away and have their shoes.


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