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Scottish Guy Needs a Nanny in Houston...anyone interested?

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  • cliffandtab
    Hi, I am Frank by name.I am looking for a nanny to help me take care of my child.I am a sales representative for afprint textiles,scotland.I have just a child
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 2, 2006
      I am Frank by name.I am looking for a nanny to help me take care of
      my child.I am a sales representative for afprint textiles,scotland.I
      have just a child whose name is junior.My wife died in a car
      accident 2yrs ago and since then i have been taking care of my child
      all by myself and with the help of a babysitter/nanny.We shall
      arrive to the united state towards the end of november to be precise
      on the 26th of november.My child is a very loving kid who i cherish
      a lot and needs someone who can take very good care of him while i
      go to work.I work full time monday thru friday and needs a live in
      or live out nanny(sharecare is allowed)but i would prefer a live out
      nanny though(live in nanny is most welcome too).I need either a full
      time nanny that will work MON-FRI (10:00am-4:00pm) or betterstill if
      you are a student i would prefer you to work part time maybe
      evenings.The time you will need work will depend on your school
      timetable and i really hope you will be a good match for my son and
      take very good care of him.
      I am looking at a salary between $500-$600 per week, details will be
      discussed and mutually agreed upon.."..so to minimise any early
      misconceptions.I would expect your service to commence by the 26th
      of november,2006 as such your expected arrival date would be 24th of
      november in order for you to be around and available to assist in
      the setting up of the house on that day, being that My belongings
      which are in charge of the shipper are bound to arrive soon.However,
      i will like to inform you that your sincere support towards
      receiving of our belongings and furnitures that are to arrive soon
      in the state will be highly appreciated as you have a role to play
      on these.I will also like to inform you that once you have accepted
      this offer,i will pay you 2 weeks salary in advance.I want a good
      nanny who will take very good care of my child and who will be well
      behaved,accomodating and friendly.who will not be too harsh on my
      child and who is not aggressive.Once you have all of this then we
      can both work out things.I will also like to know few things about
      you.Could you pls answer the questions below
      a)where are you located?
      b).are you planning to move to anywhere in the state other than your
      c)what is your qualification and also your religious background?
      d)Do you have a drivers licence ?
      e)could you pls tell me your marital status as i am a single parent
      f)have you got any criminal record?
      I will really appreciate it if you can get back to me with the
      answers to the question then we can move a step forward from there.I
      really hope this will work for both of us.Thanks for your
      understanding in this situation"

      If anyone is interested, let me know and I'll pass the word along to
      this individual.
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