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Re: [Renfolks] Re: re:sorry for x-post but had to be done

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  • Voncile W. Dudley
    He may not have used all the correct words but his heart was in the right place! We should leave this to the people involved and not make a public forum of
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      He may not have used all the correct words but his heart was in the right place!
      We should leave this to the people involved and not make a public forum of personal information.

      Lord Vandor <LordVandorofCHAOS@...> wrote:
      While you are correct in your statements about the reason behind this drive.  You are also correct in that TMI should have contacted Morgain before taking the action he did. 
      HOWEVER,  The original email was NOT sent to Fury and therefore it was not HER place to make it a PUBLIC POSTING thereby involving EVERYONE in a private matter. 
      It was also a bad choice to post someones private information to the public forums and I would ask that the emails with said information (Real Name, Address, Phone Number), be removed by the moderators.
      I have been talking to all parties involved in this today and am working on a resolution between the two main people.  Can we please leave it up to those people to resolve this issue?
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      Ok my 2 cents however unsolicited they may be-
      Morgain has been working on this for sometime and had already  asked for pamplets and and other literature so everyone could get information on the organization the goods are going to. He requested recoginition for HIS ship when Morgain is the one who has done the work. If he wanted to help he should have contacted her to find out what he could do not go over her and what she had started. Now This lady will be sending out double information for one event that means extra work  in her already busy schedule. Morgain had also planned to give a list of the people that were helping to the center in case they wanted to use it, but she did not ask for recognition for herself. This is as always with Morgain a selfless act to help someone else. She has worked very hard on this event it is her baby she has talked about nothing else for several weeks. THIS WAS TO BE AN EVENT TO HELP CHILDREN AND NO ONE GROUP WAS TO HAVE THE SPOTLIGHT. This e-mail he sent made it seem as though his group set up this charity  event and he was doing everything to make it happen and then Morgain was not even mentioned other than as some "one" who had let the need for this help be known to him. Chances are until Morgain can clear this up with them they are going to think that there are two different groups out there doing a fundraiser to help support them. What a let down it will be when they find out that apparently all was not in order with the group that had originally started this. Unfortunately this will reflect on Morgain who personally voluteers at the center. I personally feel that whether this was done as a shameless act of glory hounding or simply with good intentions gone awry, he SHOULD HAVE TALKED TO THE PERSON WHO ORGANIZED THIS EVENT before jumping the gun. TMI, I am not familiar with you and have not yet met you, and whether you intended it or not the email you sent to the center leads one to believe that not only did you and your ship organise this event but you single handedly lead the entire Houston area group of rennies. It is indeed very hard to get a true understanding of a persons tone and meaning in an email, so one must take great care when composing to insure one is not misunderstood. You sir, were (  at least I certainly hope) gravely misunderstood. I would recommend making remedy of that ASAP.
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