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Re: [Renfolks] Re: NYE Excal

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  • Robert Mank
    Sorry bout having to miss the NYE Excal-campout :(. At last minute something came up- making it impossible for me to attend. Hope everybody had a GREAT time!!
    Message 1 of 5 , Dec 31, 2005
      Sorry bout having to miss the NYE Excal-campout :(.
      At last minute something came up- making it impossible for me to attend.
      Hope everybody had a GREAT time!!

      Robert Mank <slverobert43@...> wrote:
      Ok.....got to work today :(.
      But- no problems. Just means I work, then take short nap and head out early AM LOL....luckilly I am used to driving late at night/early dawn hours <VBG>.
      I'll reach the campsite sometime early AM Saturday...ready to roll up my lil' elf sleeves and get some work done. Ummmmm <VBEG>...do I gets, perchance be, to hold a flogger and make sure thee wily wenches help??!! Ok..ok....I know...I'll give it to a wench to flog me instead FOFL <grins>
      CYE all thar....As far as this elf knows, the YoungMistress Leslie is supposed to meet her elf slut..errrrr slave thar at camp sometime Saturday also

      hans <teiwazthepirate@...> wrote:
      Squinty,Squinty,Squinty...tsk,tsk,tsk. Still the same old dirty sea
      dog I see?: As they say, you can never teach an old Sea dog new
      tricks....UNLESS PIRATE!!!
      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Good day to
      you,sir,you DIRTY OLD DOG! lol
      > Teiwaz the Pirate of Chaos
      > Gatekeeper to Azaroth of Chaos
      > P.R to Azaroth of Chaos
      > Captain of the AMARDON
      > Gno-FEAR-Gnome
      > P.R to R.R.F

      --- In Renfolks@yahoogroups.com, Squint Eye <hoodrandd@y...> wrote:
      > HI fellow Rennies:
      > Yep we are still here. I think everyone is recovering
      > from the holidays. Some are going camping out on NYE
      > at Excal this weekend. Something about drums and nude
      > dancing with short comings out if it is cold from some
      > of the guys--HUMMmmm I wonder what that means? OH
      > WELL---Now the NUDE dancing sounds good---- the guys
      > can see what those puppies look like out side of
      > corsets and the gals can check out what guys mean
      > about short comings. Haa HAA!!!!
      > BUTT--(_._) I won't be camping at Excal. So, I eagerly
      > await the nude and other pics after the camping trip.
      > <be still my heart><grins>. YEP, I have my grand
      > daughter here with us this week so on New Years Day we
      > will be taking her back home to Misquite, Texas--dern
      > don't ya know the traffic up I-35 will be hell. It is
      > getting where I don't even like driving that highway.
      > Glad that every body is back home safe and secure.
      > I got my Christmas present from my youngest daughter.
      > They got me 2 FRIENDS OF THE FAIRE tickets to
      > Scarby--Now I wounder who I should take HUMmmmmm I be
      > a thinkin it better be me Lady Dianna fer sure--or
      > else I may not get fed here at home. Now those tickets
      > to Scarby is something I could use-----sure beats
      > under wear. BUTT (_._), if we are all nude dancing
      > under the light of the stars to the beat of the drums
      > then I wouldn't need me under wear any way---would I?
      > <chuckles>--On second thought-------------to prevent
      > wench night mares my strippin wouldn't be in their
      > best interest I be a thinkin <smile>.
      > Take care
      > Squint Eye---loves ya all
      > Gunners Mate--The Black Pearls
      > Clan McBuggins
      > Subject of Valkyries Queen Cara
      > and General Pirate Rogue
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