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Re: [Renfolks] Final reminder about the Gathering - TOMORROW

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  • Andrew Hamilton
    Why so early?!?!?!?!?! some have to work and sides flirting works better in the dark....... Drewcifer Kitchen Bitch Gnebulous Gnome Chef on the HS Inebriation
    Message 1 of 2 , Feb 4, 2005
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      Why so early?!?!?!?!?! some have to work and sides flirting works better in
      the dark.......


      Kitchen Bitch
      Gnebulous Gnome
      Chef on the HS Inebriation
      "Butter my butt and call me a biscuit,"
      "Stop the violins, try whirled peas,"
      "Sleep is God, go worship,"
      "Only YOU can pervert forest fairies,"
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      Subject: [Renfolks] Final reminder about the Gathering - TOMORROW

      The Gathering

      Last Reminder For All Of You Who Are Coming To The First Gathering
      Of Renn & Pirate Faire/Scots & Irish Fest DFW Folk.
      (bloody hell that's a lot to type.. I'm callin' it The Gathering
      from now on! Sheesh!)

      There WILL be a gathering of DFW people the first Saturday of
      February.. TOMORROW

      UPDATE: I've been told to warn every lord and lady, rogue and wench
      that this particular Starbucks is not exactly at the intersection of
      Lovers Lane and Greenville. In fact, if you goggle at a map, like
      any good first mate/navigator would *hint*, you'll see that the
      Starbucks is just North of Lovers Lane on Greenville. Here is the
      phone number for the Starbucks if anyone needs it: 214-369-7004

      Why Starbucks/Can Starbucks handle our mangy lot?: I choose
      Starbucks because I like coffee and I don't have to give them
      reservations. Without being able to give a restaurant firm numbers
      on who will be showing up it can cause problems if a spot for 20 ppl
      is reserved and only 2 show up, and the same sort of problems if 50
      show up and only a table for 5 was reserved. So the first few
      gatherings will be at Starbucks and then we can go invade a
      restaurant/bar/lounge/etc if we want too. Though I must say that
      with the number of ppl that have emailed me and msged me I highly
      doubt only two ppl show. In fact I'm thinking I need to call this
      particular Starbucks in the morning and urm.. WARN them. *laughs*

      If anyone has any more questions please email me, IM me, respond
      here - I will be happy to do what I can to ease any fears and answer
      all questions.

      On to the fun stuff!!!!

      We will meet, make merry, flirt, plunder, raid, pillage, flirt,
      gossip, exchange tall tales, gab on garb, flirt, seek/offer advice,
      share bad jokes, flirt, enjoy beverage and food, and above all
      else.. FLIRT!

      *grins wickedly*

      There will be floggings for good girls (and guys) who don't attend,
      and spankings for those that do..

      We will meet at a lowly Starbucks for coffee and treats to give us
      the strength to ..

      you guessed it....

      to FLIRT!

      *snickers* Then, if we so choose, will depart to a near restaurant
      to continue with our mirth and merriment.

      Witch bloody Starbucks shall we overrun:
      Lovers Lane & Greenville Ave www.starbucks.com
      5500 Greenville Ave
      Dallas TX, 75206
      United States

      1pm to 2pm
      (or longer depending on how much mirth, mayhem, and merriment doth
      run amuck) *bounces around singing (badly and off key) amuck amuck
      *pauses and looks around*
      *blushes furiously and looks down* sorry.. it's the witchie in me

      Saturday, Feb 5th (1st Saturday in February).-

      Who is invited?:
      (men wearing kilts will be rewarded with a very naughty kiss, and
      pirates with um.. more naughty kisses! )*laughs*

      If anyone has any questions please feel free to email..I only bite
      when told too.


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