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Vesta the Virgin

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      Good Morning Queenie !!!

      Well , according to the astrological calendar , it looks as though the planet
      "Vesta" is in retrograde at 4:53 pm today --
      I don't see anything else about Mercury being retrograde -- but I did talk
      with another sister and she was telling me something about things going on
      with the planet "Saturn" --
      Here is what is happening --
      The planet Vesta was a virgin or single Goddess , the last child born to
      Saturn or Chronos and Rhea --
      Her brother Zeus gave her rulership of the sacred gift of "fire" --
      She protected homes with her warmth , offered hospitality to strangers , and
      united communities --
      Her Priestesses , the Vestal Virgins , tended the temple fires and remained
      chaste until called upon to give themselves in sacred rituals --
      The penalty for intimacy at any other time was to be buried alive in an
      underground chamber --
      Vesta's spot is where we guard our passions , where we are aware that every
      action carries a sacred tone --
      We withhold our energy for long periods in the area of the chart Vesta
      inhabits , use it up in one intense moment , then draw back to regroup --

      Ok Queenie --

      I am not sure what has transpired through others with their "communications"
      , but maybe more like "actions" is what you are speaking of ???
      I have said "EXACTLY" what I meant , however , my "ACTIONS" may have not
      been *sufficient* ---
      As for others , I am not sure what "they meant" or what their "actions"
      I , for one , can say , nothing has changed in the aspect of "who I am" ---
      I am this way , whether Mercury is retrograde or not --

      I love you

      Rain Dove ^!^

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