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  • Robbie Sheehy
    HERE YE HERE YE HERE YE Since we can t have a rennie New Year s gathering at Hawkwood, Lark invites you to share the enjoyment of a rennie New Year s party at
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 31, 2002

      Since we can't have a rennie New Year's gathering at Hawkwood, Lark
      invites you to share the enjoyment of a rennie New Year's party at her
      home. This rennie New Year's party will run from Friday 27 December
      until Monday 30 December. I am the Point of Contact for this

      Lark will be posting directions to her home on the groups. If you need
      to contact Lark for more specific directions you can phone her at

      Bring food and drink to share with everyone. Firewood, plastic ware,
      napkins and large garbage bags would be greatly appreciated. I will
      establish a centralized database ONLY on the Renfolks group to list who
      is bringing what items.

      A contribution of $ 5.00 to go toward the cost of contracting a few
      privies would assist Lark greatly (and also the rest of us who'll need
      to use the privies).

      Lark lives in a DRY county. You must purchase enough spirits before you
      arrive at Lark's. If not, you will have to drive at least 20 minutes
      away to find a liquor store.

      Arie and I will arrive at Lark's Nest on Friday afternoon, 27 December.
      We will set up 2 EZ-UP canopies on Lark's patio for the cooking area so
      we don't plug up Lark's kitchen.

      Griffin has volunteered to do breakfast with all the fixings on Saturday
      28 December. But he will need your contribution and assistance in this
      endeavor. We will also need help in the kitchen area in the evenings
      for prepping, cooking and cleaning up.

      There is plenty of room for tent camping and or sleeping in your
      vehicle. It is highly recommended you do not bring your RV. There is
      plenty of space for vehicles but RVs would take up far too much space on
      Lark's pasture.

      Lark has a HOT TUB. If you plan to use her hot tub you must bring your
      own towels. Lark does not have enough towels to provide to everyone.

      will go on, weather permitting. THIS IS A GATHERING OF RENNIES:)

      No drugs, please. This gathering is at Lark's home so please show
      respect for persons and property in respect of Lark O'The Clans allowing
      this gathering to take place at her home.

      Me and Arie will provide a keg of Guinness, 2 GI coffee pots that make
      90 cups of coffee, a couple of cans of coffee and beef stew.

      For those of you who may be scrapped for cash and may only be able to
      afford the $5.00 for the cost of the privies, your assistance in the
      kitchen area would be a GREAT donation. Me and Lark want to see
      everyone come and enjoy this New Year's gathering regardless of
      financial situation!!!

      Please e-mail me privately to confirm your attendance by Friday 20
      December. DO NOT POST BACK AND FORTH ON THE GROUPS. My home phone
      numbers are 940-569-2553 or 940-569-5669.

      My e-mail is: lilith@...

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